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Guardian 275 - Translucent Panel Skylights & Curtainwall

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Lightweight Guardian 275® Translucent Panel Skylights and Curtainwall provide glare-free natural light while reducing heat loss and stabilizing HVAC loads. Guardian 275® systems are available with a variety of insulation options to meet your project’s specific requirements, and their lightweight sandwich panel design, featuring an aluminum grid core and reinforced fiberglass skin, saves money by lowering total skylight weight (which in turn reduces structural requirements for most roof designs). The design of Guardian 275® Translucent Panels also gives them one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios available for daylighting applications.

Protection from the elements starts with the most advanced polyester resin package ever developed for commercial daylighting. Major Industries utilizes Ultimate Series™ technology - a unique blend of polymers, UV inhibitors, color stabilizers, and a permanent fiberbloom erosion veil that establishes a new benchmark for long-term performance. Water management is designed into all Guardian 275® skylights and curtainwall systems and features high-performance sealants and integral condensation and weeping systems.

Guardian 275® Translucent Daylighting Options:

  • Guardian 275® Translucent Skylights
  • Guard-Tite™ Translucent Wall Systems and Window Wall Combinations
  • TransCURVE™ Curved Translucent Skylights and Curtainwall
  • Guardian 275® Translucent Adapter Panel for Retrofit Applications
  • Blast Protection and Hurricane Configurations Available (Meets or Exceeds DoD and GSA Guidelines)
  • Mixed Glazing Combinations Available for Unlimited Design Versatility

Benefits of Using Guardian 275®

  • Utilizing natural light is energy efficient, saves money and stabilizes HVAC loads - and has been shown to provide health and performance benefits for building occupants.
  • Lightweight translucent glazing saves money by lowering total skylight weight, and reducing structural requirements.
  • Sandwich panel design features an aluminum grid core and reinforced fiberglass skin, providing one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios available for daylighting applications.
  • Ultimate Series™ architectural grade fiberglass is specially blended for fire protection on the interior and weather protection on the exterior for the longest lasting service life.
  • Major Industries' built-in water management system is a critical line of defense, and features an integral condensation gutter and weeping system plus high-performance sealants and extruded EPDM gaskets for worry-free performance.
  • Guardian 275® Translucent Panel Skylights and Curtainwall are an affordable alternative to costly glass systems.
  • Tested and verified by ASTM, AAMA, ICC-ES and NFRC methodologies.

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