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Highway 80 Decorative Concrete Project in Alabama By Elite Crete


The state of Alabama wanted to "dress up" a near 3 mile of stretch of plain concrete median. The solution was THIN-FINISH Pre-Mixed Concrete Overlay Topping colored with PORTION CONTROL COLORANT and sealed with CSS EMULSION clear sealer.

Not only will this finish withstand the wear of vehicular tires but the color will not fade in the hot Alabama sun.

About Elite Crete

The Elite Crete Systems experience and roots in the decorative concrete and flooring industry is deeper than any other company or product line today. "Elite Crete" products were originally created as simply a product brand by a specialty paint and coatings manufacturing company who at the time only sold polymer modified cementitious overlay materials to other companies under private label or re-label. Ownership made the decision to create and launch their own product label line and called the brand of materials "Elite Crete" not to compete with the same companies they were already selling products to, but to go after a sector of the industry that they considered untouched by other companies, the specification segment. An obvious void existed as it pertained to decorative concrete overlays for exterior and interior finishes being specified by architects for commercial applications.

Much to their surprise, the "Elite Crete" product line became increasingly popular and the demand for private labeling of specifically the "Elite Crete" products became overwhelming. It soon became obvious that the experienced, quality conscious contractor wanted a single, proven product line, direct from the manufacturer that had the right answers and precise technical support services. It came time to launch "Elite Crete Systems" as a separate entity and focus on their own, contractor proven, quality products that countless contractors, distributors, suppliers and architects demand today.

Elite Crete Systems not only set the initial and current standards for decorative concrete and flooring products but are constantly raising the bar as well. From their highly sought after training seminars, to the detailed engineering of their entire product line designed with the contractor in mind, to their commitment and dedication to a level of customer service and technical assistance that is second to none in this industry.

People around Elite Crete Systems use words like "Quality", "Ease of Use", "Affordable" and "Innovative" to best describe the basis of every product they manufacture. In fact, their company mission is to provide the most comprehensive decorative concrete and flooring systems, one that is of the highest quality, easy to use, with substantial versatility and yet reasonably priced. They manufacture the most complete product line in the industry and are committed to quality customer service and technical assistance. They are fully dedicated to their customers and provide them with personalized, quality service and attention.

For many years, several well known companies, manufacturers and suppliers have looked to Elite Crete Systems to provide them with the products, technical assistance and solutions to their decorative concrete and flooring products.

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