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How Adjustable Glass Railing Systems Make Installation Easier

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Glass railings are increasingly popular for decks, stairs, balconies and numerous other uses. It’s easy to see why — they’re modern, elegant, and understated. On the other hand, these products are also notoriously tricky to install.

However, the innovation of adjustable dry glaze railing systems has removed the hassle from railing installation to make the whole process cleaner and easier.

The downsides of traditional railing installation

You’re likely familiar with the two most common options for railing installation: wet glaze and non-adjustable dry glaze. These methods both have their disadvantages.

Wet glaze

Wet glaze railing installation can be messy and time consuming. It requires experienced manpower, time, and the process creates lots of opportunities for costly mistakes.

Once set in place, railing installed with glazing cement is not easily adjustable or repaired — if the cement has already dried completely, major problems can occur, as mistakes on the job site can easily lead to pushed timelines and unexpected material costs.

Due to the nature of the materials, glaziers end up spending hours on tedious and difficult rework to ensure all rails are plumb and up to code for state and local guidelines. In all, unnecessary of hassle is created for everyone involved.

Non-adjustable dry glaze

With a non-adjustable dry glaze system, you avoid the wet glaze mess and cut down on the labor time of the installation. However, you may still have to spend considerable time plumbing the shoe with shims. Additionally, depending on the particular system you use, specialized tools may be required.

Better installation with adjustable railing systems

Here’s the good news: there is another way of installing glass railings that’s clean and easy. No more messy wet glaze, no headaches from adjusting and re-adjusting glass to plumb.

Adjustable rail systems require no wetwork, fillers, or special tools to install. With railing systems like Precision Lock, installers can adjust the glass for plumb quickly and easily with over 2” of leeway. These systems can be configured to work with both laminated and monolithic glass ranging in thickness from ½” to 1”.

To make installation even easier, you can utilize adjustable edge grip standoffs to mount and position glass panes and adjustable handrail brackets to install handrails. The use of these products eliminates the need to drill into the glass to complete installation. The result is a straightforward system with fewer opportunities for costly and time-consuming errors.

See for yourself how simple it is to install Precision Lock:


Glaziers and industry experts agree that adjustable railing systems are easier to install than traditional wet-glaze systems or standard non-adjustable dry glaze systems. However, they’re not necessarily the best choice for every situation — it all depends on your specific project needs, as well as any local codes or design requirements.

When shopping for the right glass handrail system, it helps to have an expert in your corner.

Morse Architectural has been delighting customers for almost 40 years with our extensive experience and industry knowledge of glass railings, shower enclosures, and more. Our experts can provide you with the right hardware for your project, and offer valuable insights into installation and maintenance to ensure it looks great the first time.

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