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How To Resurface Gypcrete: A Seattle, WA Project By Duraamen

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How to resurface gypcrete with a duraamen concrete overlay

Very few products have the ability to perform over gypcrete. Gypcrete is the industry brand name for Gypsum Concrete. This is a product used as an underlayment for hardwood, tile or carpet. With our products, concrete overlays can be added to the list. Gypcrete is a lightweight product but very porous and typically soft. However over the years the PSI has increased.

Resurface gypcrete by Seattle surfaces of Seattle Washington

The project was completed for Five Fish Bistro Restaurant by Seattle Surfaces owned by Dave Primc. The 2,000 square foort restaurant was designed by Arellano Christofides Architects PLLC also of Seattle.
When apply Sgraffino to resurface gycrete, we require that the Gypsum Concrete has a PSI of 3,500 otherwise there is a risk of pinholes bleeding through the surface.
Sgraffino is an amazing product for resurfacing concrete and many other substrates. When properly primed, the sgraffino has exceptional bonding characteristics. In fact, Sgraffino has been used to resurface porcelain bathtubs that are used daily, holding up to water, soap and shampoo without delamination.

When resurfacing gypcrete, the process is extra priming with CP 1000 our priming polymer. In this case, 3 coats of sgraffino were applied using our Potters Clay integral colorant. As you can see in the photos, the result is excellent. The floor is seamless, non slip and easy to maintain. It is durable enough to endure the heavy wear and tear of a restaurant.
The seal coats used was our Perdure E32 Water Based Epoxy with Perdure U50 90% solids moisture cured polyuretnae, an exceptionally durable top coat.
If you have a gypcrete surface and looking for a solution to resurface the floor, contact us to discuss the options. We have many unique coatings for resurfacing every kind of floor and substrate. Plus we have a nationwide network of flooring professionals who are experienced applicators of our products.

About Duraamen

Düraamen Engineered Products is one of the leading manufacturers of seamless flooring systems – Self leveling concrete, Industrial coatings, Decorative concrete micro-toppings/overlays, decorative quartz flooring, designer metallic epoxy coatings, conductive flooring, moisture vapor treatments, chemical stains, water based stains, concrete densifiers, polyurethane cement floors, epoxy crack repair and joint filling compounds and high performance concrete sealers (acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic). Düraamen technical representatives work closely with architects, engineers, specifiers, property owners/managers and contractors right from specification through installation of the products. Düraamen products are installed be trained installers across USA and Canada.

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