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John Portman & Associates' Used Daylighting Systems From Kalwall


John Portman & Associates' Park Hyatt Hotel in Hyderabad, India, features distinctive use of Kalwall translucent building systems… This 5-star super-deluxe hotel features 185 guest rooms, 24 suites and 42 fully serviced apartments. The eight-story building has a lobby and mezzanine, plus four floors of guest rooms topped by two floors of high-end serviced apartments. An atrium rises through all eight floors and features an exquisite balance of daylighting.

PORTMAN and Kalwall hold many of the same values and philosophies. Read more about this project and JPA by linking to their web site. "The firm is renowned for innovative, responsive design solutions that are sensitive to the local culture and the context in which they exist. Their architecture transcends national borders by striving for universal human appeal. Human beings are creatures of nature, perceiving their environment through the senses. Recognizing human values and the human response to space, nature, and light, we aim to weave sensory experiences into the built environment. Portman works to understand humanity better in order to create an environment that is more beneficial to people - culturally sensitive places that are designed for life - livable, stimulating and sustainable."

About Kalwall Corporation

Kalwall┬« is the world leader in advanced technology daylighting. High-performance translucent fenestration systems with energy-efficient advancements, including R-20 (0.5 U-value) with Nanogel┬« and other options, which surpass all other technologies. Either as part or all of the walls or roof of any building – or even as an entire, freestanding structure – Kalwall provides a more predictable, better quality, usable natural light with superior energy efficiency. An exclusive Daylight Modeling service allows you to consider the specific impact of daylighting as you explore the impact of design variations and options to achieve the desired lighting levels. No other service allows you to accurately judge the results of your design in a highly accurate and informative simulation.

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