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Kelly-Moore Paints Introduces Next Generation Zero-VOC Colorants

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jun 20, 2012

Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc ., a leader and innovator of waterborne-coating technology and the first company to offer recycled paints and higher performance no-VOC paints, is now introducing new zero-VOC colorants. These products will maintain excellent interior air quality during application without sacrificing performance. The transition from conventional universal colorants to the new zero-VOC colorants has already been completed in all of Kelly-Moore’s California and Nevada locations. The rest of Kelly-Moore’s stores will be completed by this summer.

“Kelly-Moore is committed to meeting top health and environmental concerns and California’s stringent regulations,” said Steve DeVoe, Kelly-Moore’s president, CEO and chairman of the board. “Transitioning to zero-VOC colorants will keep the company at the forefront of environmental innovation and regulation in the paint industry.”

While zero-VOC colorants have been available previously, they often lacked in quality and performance – poor drying and more water sensitivity causing blushing and blistering were among the drawbacks. Kelly-Moore’s new zero-VOC colorants not only eliminate these issues, but exceed traditional colorants as well, offering higher strength, improved hiding, more fade resistance and expanded color options, all without the additional solvents.

“These next generation zero-VOC colorants are not only better for the environment, they have better touch up properties than conventional colorants for the professional contractor, and also deliver better UV fade resistance for better long-term performance," said Mark Zielinski, Kelly-Moore Paints' vice president of sales.

Among Kelly-Moore’s other “green” offerings are the recently introduced Enviro Coat Reflective 1545, a premium exterior architectural coating designed to reflect the sun’s radiant heat. This eco-functional, exterior 100 percent acrylic eggshell paint effectively lowers external wall temperature, allowing homeowners and building operators to minimize air conditioning usage and money on utility bills.
At Kelly-Moore, environmental impact has always been a top priority. In 1995, the company developed a safer, more environmentally responsible technique to dispose of leftover paint and became the first paint company in the industry to collect and re-manufacture a quality recycled paint – eCoat. Since then, Kelly-Moore continues to invest in recycling technology.

The company’s environmentally friendly paint factory in San Carlos, California is the recipient of four widely recognized environmental awards and continues to “green” its operations. For instance, in April 2009, Kelly-Moore started a program to recycle Super Sack storage bags, cut up plastic totes and other previously un-recyclable containers, resulting in a 10-15 percent reduction in landfill waste. Additionally, Kelly-Moore’s factory management developed a collection system for rainwater to offset water usage and built a berm around the manufacturing plant to prevent any possible paint spillage from getting into the local creek.

For questions related to color, paint selection or application, VOCs, or any other paint-related query, Kelly-Moore’s painters (pros or DIY consumers) can call 1-888-MR-PAINT, email , visit, the company’s Facebook or Twitter page, or any of Kelly-Moore’s nearest stores, where each Kelly-Moore employee-owner is committed to offering exceptional customer service.

About Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc.

Headquartered in San Carlos, Calif., Kelly-Moore is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States, where each employee-owner is committed to offering exceptional customer service. When you call or visit a Kelly-Moore store you are speaking with an owner. A leader and innovator of waterborne-coating technology, Kelly-Moore was the first major paint company to offer recycled paints, along with one of the largest selections of stock colors. Kelly-Moore is one of the few companies to continue to offer stock colors for superior color consistency. Trusted and preferred by professionals since 1946 as the “Painter's Paint Store” for its high-quality, performance and consistency, Kelly-Moore's paints are safe and easy to use for everyone. The company’s environmentally friendly paint factory in San Carlos, Calif. is the recipient of four widely recognized and among the most stringent environmental awards. Kelly-Moore is dedicated to giving back to the communities it serves. This ethos is reflected in its corporate giving program and its numerous industry-leading green business accolades.

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