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LaHabra Exterior Stucco Color Coat

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LaHabra Exterior Stucco Color Coat provides a lasting, durable finish over LaHabra Fiber-47 Fastwall Scratch & Brown, LaHabra Fastwall Stucco Base, a portland cement plaster “brown coat or Parex USA Stucco Level Coat.” It is integrally colored with fade-resistant pigments, and is economical with low maintenance. Product is available in 16/20 and 20/30 aggregates. Both aggregate textures are available in premix or tint Base 100 and 200 for use with LaHabra Color Packs.

LaHabra Exterior Stucco Color Coat is available in the following bases/aggregate size for use with LaHabra Color Packs:

  • Base 100 16/20
  • Base 100 20/30
  • Base 200 16/20
  • Base 200 20/30

LaHabra Exterior Stucco Color Coat

Exterior color coat for portland cement brown coat

30 Standard colors and 12 Lifestyle colors are available. LaHabra Color Packs are specifically designed for use with LaHabra Exterior Color Coat. Special colors are available upon request. Meets SCAQMD Rule 1113 when using Parex USA NonVOC Colorants.

Coverage will vary depending on substrate, thickness and texture of the application.
Approximate coverage per 90 lb. (40.8 kg) bag:

  • Float Finish 135-180 sqft. (12.5-16.7 sqm).
  • Light Spanish texture 90-135 sqft. (8.4-12.5 sqm).
  • Machine Dash 72-108 sqft. (6.7-10 sqm)

  • Binder: Portland cement and hydrated lime
  • Aggregates
  • Proprietary additives
  • Type-S Hydrated Lime: ASTM C206
  • Portland Cement: ASTM C150 Type I
  • LaHabra Exterior Stucco Finish: Conforms to ASTM C926 recommendations
90 lb. (40.8 kg) net weight in a multi-wall bag.

  • Storage: Store off ground and protect from rain and moisture.
  • Shelf Life: Reference Parex USA Expiration Date of Products Technical Bulletin.
Download the Datasheet


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