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Level-One EZ –Maxxon’s Go-To Self-Leveling Underlayment


Level-One EZ, created by Aquafin®, brought to you by Maxxon, is Maxxon Corporation’s newest underlayment offering for the commercial market. Maxxon and Aquafin have partnered together to develop advanced products that meet the needs of an evolving commercial construction industry. By leveraging Aquafin’s moisture and waterproofing expertise and Maxxon’s tenured underlayment experience we are excited to bring to market an innovative underlayment that is highly compatible with both gypsum and concrete and as a finished product over surface applied moisture vapor barriers such as Aquafin Vaportight Coat SG2, SG3 and SG4.

Level-One EZ –Maxxon’s Go-To Self-Leveling Underlayment

Level-One EZ is a low-prep, high-strength self-leveler designed as a “go to” product for leveling and resurfacing gypsum and concrete floors in preparation for floor coverings. This revolutionary product bonds well to new and old gypsum and even old adhesive, virtually eliminating floor prep. It’s consistency, easy installation and reliable performance will provide construction professionals with a single solution for most leveling and resurfacing projects.

Level-One EZ can be installed from ¼” to 2”, making it well suited as a skim coat and in tackling “duck ponds” and extreme level corrections. Available in 50 lb bags, Level-One EZ can be barrel mixed or pumped. Maxxon’s network of expert installers can place 20,000 sf or more in just one day.

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