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MarsKeel and Catalina’s Newly Designed 425 Shoal Draft Bulb Keel


The Catalina 425 is an all-new design that assumes the position in the Catalina line held by the legendary Catalina 42. Embracing a contemporary aesthetic, it is designed to endure in function and aesthetics in the Catalina tradition.

The 425 utilizes signature Catalina features, including a functional and spacious cockpit, a comfortable, carefully detailed interior, and all the “5 Series” features that have redefined the Catalina brand.

MarsKeel and Catalina’s Newly Designed 425 Shoal Draft Bulb Keel

MarsKeel Technology, in conjunction with the Catalina Design Team, has Created the New High Lift Aspect Shoal Draft Bulb Keel for 2024

Our in-house Keel Technologist, Bill Souter, collaborated with Catalina Yachts to design and produce the first few of these keels for the new 425.

This all lead keel weighs in at approximately 7640 lbs. and incorporates 11 x 1” diameter 316-grade Stainless Steel bolts.

MarsKeel worked with Catalina to assist with the design parameters for the pattern and develop the mold for production casting.

The new keel design was to be an option to the existing wing keel. This new design maintained the same draft without the wings while improving the VCG and righting moment. The new modern bulb design also maintains excellent pointing ability and slightly increases boat speed, partly due to the reduction in wetted surface of the wing keel.

MarsKeel Custom Keel Design

MarsKeel is proud to be the exclusive Keel supplier to Catalina Yachts for over the last decade. Explore our website for information on our custom yacht keel capacity and contact us to learn more about our custom keel designs.

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