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Merkrete Integra All-in-One Thin Set and Grout for River Rock Mosaics

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Integra is a nonabrasive all-in-one adhesive and grout for glass tile installations on walls and floors.

Integra was developed especially for the installation of mosaics and glass tile of all shapes and sizes with no concerns about thin set color bleed through because the adhesive and the grout are the same color.

Merkrete Integra All-in-One Thin Set and Grout for River Rock Mosaics


  • All-In-One thinset and grout
  • Use on walls and floors
  • Non abrasive
  • Makes mosaics and glass tile installations fast
  • Residential and commercial projects
  • Only the addition of water is required

Thinset Installation
Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be between 40ºF (4ºC) to 95ºF (35ºC) and structurally sound (deflection not to exceed 1/360 of the span), dry clean and free from oil, grease, wax, paint, old adhesives, sealers and curing compounds. Any contaminates which inhibit proper bond must be removed. Substrate preparation should be completed following ANSI A108 AN-2 “General Requirements for Sub-surfaces”. All substrates should be plumb and true, surface deviation should not exceed ¼” in 10’. Patching, leveling or areas requiring a mortar bed should be prepared using Mer-Krete’s Underlayments. Movement (Expansion) joints should be provided to comply with TCA method EJ 171. Caution; When considering the installation of glass mosaics, it is important that the glass tile manufacturer’s recommendations be followed.

Cement Substrates: All concrete substrates should be cured a minimum of 28 days. Smooth steel troweled floors should be roughed up using mechanical chipping, scraping or shot blasting. Dampen porous or dry concrete previous to installation of tile. Do not leave puddles or standing water.Cement Backer Board: Follow cement board manufacturer’s instructions.

Mixing: In a clean container, add approximately 4 pints (1.89 L) of cool clean water per 25 lb. bag (11.34 kg) of Integra. Mix thoroughly by hand or with a slow speed mixer to a smooth, thick, trowelable consistency. Allow mortar to slake for approximately 15 minutes, and then remix before using. Remix without adding additional water or powder. Mortar consistency shall be such that when applied with the recommended notched trowel to the substrate, the ridges formed in the mortar do not flow or slump. During use, stir mortar mix occasionally. Do not temper with additional water. Do not add latex liquid to Integra mortar.

Application: Apply mortar to the substrate with the flat side of the trowel, with enough pressure to firmly work into the surface. With a notched trowel, immediately follow with a heavier coat of material using the appropriate trowel and enough mortar to provide 100% coverage to the back of the tile. Do not spread more mortar then can be covered in 20 minutes or before the mortar skins over. It is advised that during the installation, remove a tile to insure the mortar has not skinned over and check the tile and substrate mortar coverage. Comb the mortar using an appropriate notched trowel in one direction, using the back of the trowel; flatten any notches of the mortar previous to placing the mosaic glass tile. Place tiles in mortar; beat in to insure proper coverage. Do not adjust tiles set in mortar after 15 minutes.

Grout Installation
Surface Preparation: Glass tile must be firmly attached to a sound substrate. Grout joints should be free of all loose debris and contaminants. Caution should be used on tile, glass tile, marble, or stone that can be scratched. Follow tile manufacturer’s recommendations. Test a small area prior to use. If recommended by manufacturer, or if there is a concern of scratching the finish material, use Merkrete’s Versatile XF non sanded grout.

Mixing: To minimize color variation when using multiple containers of the same color grout with different batch numbers, dry-blend the powder prior to mixing with water. Combine approximately 4 1⁄2 pints (2.13 L) of cool clean water per 25 lb. bag (11.34 kg) of Integra with a margin trowel or a low speed mixer (less than 300 rpm) to a lump free, paste-like consistency. Let stand 10 minutes, re-mix before use. Periodic mixing during application keeps the grout workable but do not add additional water or additive once mixed. Consistency of mixing ratio between batches helps to maintain color shade uniformity. Discard grout when it becomes too stiff to work.

Application: Installation shall conform to the current method of ANSI A108.10. Holding a rubber grout float at a 45° angle, force grout diagonally into joints ensuring joints are completely filled. Remove excess grout using edge of float held at a 90° angle. Cleanup can begin as soon as the grout becomes firm enough to only be slightly indented when pushed. Use as little water as possible for grout cleanup. Excess water will cause variation in color and may cause shrinkage, cracks or pinholes. Smooth and level joints in a circular motion, remove excess grout from tile with a damp small pore grout sponge.

It is best to change cleaning water and rinse sponge frequently. Using clean water and sponge will enhance color uniformity.

Remove or buff grout haze from tile surface with a soft, dry cloth.

Curing: Protect fresh grout from damage for a minimum of 72 hours. Like other portland cement products, Merkrete Integra will cure in approximately 28 days.

Download Integra's Datasheet

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