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Metal Tiles Room By Room in Your Home

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  May 31, 2017

With hundreds of options to choose from, metal ceiling tiles can dramatically improve a room’s appearance in your home. However, they also offer functionality in a room and should become a serious consideration in your home’s redesign or construction. Metal ceiling tiles do not have to be used strictly on ceilings, though!

Where is it most functional to have metal ceiling tiles in your home? Here is a look at metal ceiling tiles room by room:


The kitchen is one of the rooms that truly benefits from having metal ceiling tiles. At Metal Ceiling Express, we like the idea of metal ceiling tile backsplashes, which can be placed behind a stove or sink. Not only are they easy to install, but more importantly, they are easier to clean than many other backsplash options. Due to the fact that they are easy to clean, metal ceiling tiles can also be added to your kitchen appliances. Metal ceiling tiles are also moisture resistant and fire resistant.

You can opt for complementary colors and designs, or if you want to make a statement, think about using contrasting colors. You can also mix and match colors and patterns as long as they work well together. The choices are actually unlimited!

Metal ceiling tiles can also be used to upgrade your cabinetry. The tiles are easy to install and remove, meaning they can provide an easy, refreshing, modern look to your kitchen.

Laundry Room

Much like the kitchen, metal ceiling tiles serve a functional purpose in the laundry room. Again, they are easy to clean and moisture resistant, making them a very good choice for the environments of a laundry room. Similar to the kitchen, backsplashes can be installed to protect your walls while creating a stunning, rustic appearance. Water and detergent that splashes can easily be wiped away. It is much easier to wipe down metal ceiling tile than it is a wall that has been painted or wallpapered. For this very reason, metal ceiling tiles can also be implemented in the storage areas of your laundry room, especially where your cleaning supplies are stored.

Additionally, for the same reason, you would cover your kitchen appliances with metal ceiling tiles, you can also cover your laundry room appliances.


The bathroom is another area of the home that could benefit from metal ceiling tile installation. Not only are they decorative, but they are functional in a bathroom setting. Metal ceiling tiles are resistant to rust, which is obviously important in a room where moisture is prevalent.

Because they are easy to clean (noticing a trend?) metal ceiling tiles should be considered a logical choice for the bathroom, where bacteria constantly accumulates. The tiles are easy to wipe down, meaning that the cleaning process is pain-free and significantly easier than, say, scrubbing grout. Metal ceiling tiles, when cleaned properly, should be resistant to the mold and mildew that can so quickly accumulate in a bathroom. The tiles are also stain resistant, making them the logical choice in your bathroom.


As mentioned before, metal ceiling tiles are fire resistant, making them the logical choice for your garage, where tools and motors are often running. Garages are susceptible to electrical fires and workshop accidents. Having metal ceiling tiles can help protect the rest of your home and contain any fires to an isolated area, protecting both your home and your family.

Metal ceiling tiles can also be used to cover exposed wires or pipes that are hazardous in a workshop. Leaving wires and pipes exposed not only create an ugly sight, but pose a tremendous risk in your workshop. Installing metal ceiling tiles to cover these areas can provide an extra layer of security in your workshop.

Metal ceiling tiles are also the obvious choice in the garage because they naturally reflect light, increasing the quality and visibility in your garage, brightening your dreary garage into a lively workspace. Metal ceiling tiles can also reduce noise when installed with a sound barrier. It goes without saying that this can be incredibly important in an area where tools and other machinery is used so often.

Metal Ceiling Art

Another unusal application of metal ceilings is to use them as artwork. You can complement a ceiling design by using complementary, or contrasting tiles to create wall art. For example, you could create a framed piece by using several different colors and patterns together. You could also create geometric designs or shapes that can add a unique touch to your indoor decor.

Options Are Abundant!

Realistically, metal ceiling tiles can be used in any room in your home. They can be considered in any room as a form of art. Or, you could choose to actually install the tiles as ceiling décor! Perhaps you could add metal ceiling tiles to your furniture to create a unique, personalized look. The options and uses for metal ceiling tiles are limitless. Whether you choose to use them to simply spruce up a room’s look or to add a sense of functionality to the room, the choice is yours. No idea is too outlandish! Don’t be afraid to use them in your bedroom, living room, home office, or anywhere you deem fit. With an easy installation process, they should be considered the obvious choice for your home’s redesign project.

Remember, metal ceiling tiles can be used in your place of business, be it a restaurant, an office building, a warehouse or other location. You can add a touch of nostalgia, or a touch or modern, or even a touch of antique with different design options and colors that are available. In fact, metal tiles can add a sense of dimension or spaciousness in large areas, especially if you select lighter colors. The options for creativity are unlimited. If you have any questions about our products, let us know and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction!

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