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Nawkaw Masonry Coloring


When architects and general contractors need color applied to masonry and concrete, they know there’s one name to call—Nawkaw. Nawkaw is the world’s premiere stainer of masonry and concrete. We pioneered the masonry staining process in 1984 and have continued to innovate ever since. Our products are in use around the world and have been proven under extreme conditions, from desert heat to bone-chilling cold. We provide a permanent solution for coloring masonry and concrete, that won’t peel or fade—guaranteed for 25 years!

Nawkaw stain technicians are the most experienced you’ll find, bringing years of expertise and know-how to a variety of applications. Whether you’re blending an addition, preserving an historical landmark or erecting a modern skyscraper, Nawkaw has a color solution for your brick, concrete and precast.

Concrete & Masonry Stain

NECT-90 is the stain that started it all. This product is in use on more buildings than any other masonry stain in the world. With its 25 year track record of performance and continous testing & improvements, NECT-90 has set the standard for excellence in the industry. In fact Nawkaw installation teams have won more awards with this product than any other.

Download NECT-90 Tech Data Sheet

Download NECT-90 with Colorants Material Safety Data Sheet

About Nawkaw Corporation

The Nawkaw Masonry and Concrete Coloring System and proprietary products are available for above grade vertical masonry surfaces. The system and products have been used for renovating, restoring and changing the color of brick, block, mortar, concrete, pre-cast, tilt-up and stone, including graffiti removal and resistance, custom color blending and historical color matching for more than 20 years. Nawkaw crews have experience and training in surface preparation and multiple application techniques. Minor concrete and masonry repair and restoration to the surface is also available prior to applying color. Nawkaw masonry stains are designed to penetrate the surface creating a bond, unlike paint, which sits on the surface and requires frequent re-application. And on smooth surfaces, texture can be added to a wide range of available and custom colors. Nawkaw products are vapor permeable and penetrating, resistant to mold, mildew, and weather (including UV) and carry a 25-year warranty. A few of Nawkaw's award-winning projects are available for viewing at

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