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Tilt-Up Staining From Nawkaw Corporation


The ability to add colors and textures to existing masonry surfaces, both old and new, has empowered contractors, architects and developers to raise the bar of color control. Adding color to tilt-up concrete has been developed over the past two decades to include acid stains, water based stains, and admixtures, with water based being the most manageable and cost effective. Staining is a viable option over paint, allowing for less maintenance for the future of your project. Specifying colors for tilt-up surfaces has become an artform, rather than simply a means to finish a project.

Nawkaw has developed a process for adding textural materials to our masonry stain, as well as procedures that create surface textures before the application. All the while ensuring our products maintain their durability, vapor permeability, water repellency, and resistance to the elements. Nawkaw has developed a finishing system for concrete that simulates brick, block or stone. Multiple finishes, like sand coating or metal fleck are also available.

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