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New Armstrong CastWorks Metaphors GRG Ceiling Panels Offered in Five Designs, Four Colors


New Armstrong CastWorks Metaphors GRG Ceiling Panels Offered in Five Designs, Four Colors

Armstrong World Industries has introduced CastWorks™ Metaphors® ceiling panels, a portfolio of standard, pre-cast 24" x 24" Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) tegular ceiling panels offered in five modern designs and four standard colors. The geometric and dimensional panels provide quick access to the plenum and install on standard heavy-duty Armstrong® Suprafine® XL® 9/16" grid.

The panels are part of CastWorks Architectural Forms, a new Armstrong family of products that encompasses all the company’s GRG, GFRC, FRP, and Interior Molded Stone items.

Create High-End Custom Looks

Five standard CastWorks Metaphors design variations — Botanical, Pinnacle, Crests, Tectonic, and Tidal — are available. The modular panel designs provide the opportunity to create many custom looks based on layout. Each panel is one solid piece to further impart a high-end look. When installed with acoustic infill panels, Botanical panels achieve excellent sound absorption with NRC up to 0.85.

Select panels have pre-cut downlight openings or flat areas for field-cutting to seamlessly add lighting fixtures or other MEP integrations. Lighting solutions designed to integrate with CastWorks panels are available from Armstrong partners Omnify™, USAI®, and JLC-Tech. In terms of installation, the pre-cut downlight integration panels reduce jobsite modifications.

The panels are available in four standard colors — White, Gun Metal Grey, Silver Grey, Black — or can be field painted to achieve any desired color. These colors coordinate with Armstrong suspension systems for a high-end visual. Custom colors are also available.

The new CastWorks Metaphors ceiling panels are part of the Armstrong Sustain® portfolio, meaning they meet the most stringent industry sustainability compliance standards today. Select products are also included in the Armstrong FAST134 program, meaning they are ready to ship in four weeks or less.

For more information about CastWorks Metaphors ceiling panels, visit CASTWORKS METAPHORS Ceiling Panels | Armstrong Ceiling Solutions – Commercial. If help is needed, reach an Armstrong TechLine expert at

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