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New Daylight Modeling Service from Kalwall Corporation


Daylight Modeling takes the mystery and surprise out of predicting the impact of daylight on any building space.

Traditionally, the end results of daylighting design have been somewhat misunderstood with often unpredictable results. Now, alternate design solutions can be studied and planned. Daylight Modeling shows you the way to better daylighting any space.

Unmitigated sunlight often ruins an effective daylighting design. Controlling quality and quantity of daylight is imperative to managing related heat loss/gain.

The objectives of our Daylight Modeling Service are to:

  • assist in verifying that your design achieves adequate ambient light levels
  • assist in qualifying for LEED® or other sustainable rating agenda
  • promote passive daylighting as the most effective and expedient way to meet "Carbon Zero" objectives
  • educate designers, builders, specifiers and owners about the benefits of Kalwall® ... the most highly insulating, diffuse-light-transmitting system in the world.

    Daylight Modeling allows architects and designers to see the impact of variations in their daylighting strategies long before the space is constructed.

  • Avoid daylighting disasters and disappointments
  • Better understand capturing LEED® points through well-planned daylighting
  • Develop optional daylighting design alternatives
  • Improve the environments for all living things
  • Enhance the well-being, peace of mind and productivity of occupants

    Achieving desirable aesthetics requires more than a "hunch". Searching for solutions and correcting daylighting errors and miscalculations post construction usually ends with an unsatisfactory result for all.

    How does Kalwall do Daylight Modeling?

    According to Energy Focus, "Daylight isn't sunlight, but instead is sunlight reflected or diffused to a very low level." In designing any space, one of the first steps must be to control direct beams of sunlight. Through the use of building orientation, transmittance levels, plans, CAD files or takeoffs and target illuminance levels, Daylight Modeling is an often overlooked design analysis tool to aid in predicting daylighting results.

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