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New in Victor Stanley, Inc.

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Manufacturers of Quality Site Furnishings since 1962.

VICTOR STANLEY™ begins its 51st year offering one of the finest collections of site and street furnishings in the world. Our commercial products include litter receptacles, recycling stations, benches, bike racks & bollards, planters, tables, seats, ash urns and tree guards.

Carefully integrated designs and innovative use of materials and technology embody our commitment to produce durable, strong, functional, attractive and comfortable site furniture. Remaining current in the marketplace defines our daily efforts. This includes meeting the challenges of changing designs and the welcome growth in acceptance of the need to protect the environment. We combine tested as well as unique materials and manufacturing techniques in new and exciting ways. We take time to solve difficult engineering problems. We listen to the invaluable suggestions, requirements and criticism of landscape architects, architects, designers, urban planners, engineers and customers throughout the world.

Our manufacturing goal is to provide consistent value and quality in each component of our products; in every piece of steel, in every casting, in every piece of recycled plastic, in every piece of hardware and in every species of wood. With 200,000 sq/ft. (18,500 sq/meters) of manufacturing space, our two modern factories in Maryland utilize four custom-designed state-of-the-art powder coating systems, thirteen computerized welding robots, complete in-house extrusion process for recycled slats, and automated metal- and wood-working equipment.

In a very real sense, our company helped pioneer the use of powder coating. We began to use the technology in 1970 when powder coating was little more than a theoretical process. Since then, as the process progressed from the laboratory stage to the factory floor worldwide, we have continued to participate in its development. Today, our factories contain four complex, effective and efficient powder coating systems. Technical experts from Fortune 50 companies have visited our factories to observe our powder coating technology and it has been the subject of an important article in a technical coating publication.

VICTOR STANLEY, INC.® has been granted U.S. and worldwide patents on a remarkable system to reinforce recycled plastic slats; a process that results in a product with superior mechanical properties. This process is our innovative response to the universal need to preserve resources and protect the environment. We also offer standard recycled plastic slats for many of our products.

To facilitate our ability to work with designers and architects, as well as assist our customers with special projects, we began using computer-aided design when the now obsolete 286 computer was the fastest machine available. As time and technology continue to move forward, we are keeping pace with the use of three-dimensional modeling, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. We have full in-house computer networking and full in-house graphics and design capabilities.

Many thousands of installations of our products can be found throughout the United States and Canada. We also export to more than twenty other countries. Active Victor Stanley representatives can be found throughout the world. We have earned a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of high quality site furnishings, always at competitive prices.

We are here to serve our customers, the design community and the specifiers of our products. Our experienced personnel will be happy to respond to your requirements.

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