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Olympia Stadium, Helsinborg, Sweden

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  May 19, 2016

Flame Red benches recently installed at Olympia Stadium in Helsingborg, Sweden. More benches are expected to be installed next month. NRBO Steelsites Series curved benches with armrests, SD-35 Ironsites® side-door litter receptacle with optional dome lid.


Since the introduction of our model NRBI-225 (inside-facing) and NRBO-225 (outside-facing) curved benches, we have been receiving requests from the design community asking for custom NRB continuous seating in varying configurations, lengths, and mixed radii. Having perfected meeting these design requirements with our backless FRB benches, we set out to solve the complicated engineering, tooling, and design challenges for producing custom radii NRB style continuous seating. We are very proud to announce that we made the impossible, possible.

Comfort was a big challenge in producing these benches given the compound angles and the need to keep the seat pitched using our traditional contour, rather than the easier, less comfortable and far less elegant seating which some offer using horizontal seats with no pitch. The pitched seat and back required breakthrough innovations in fixture and tooling design coupled with computer communications between machines resulting in great flexibility and enormous value.

Imagine the complexity of positioning an array of formed steel ribbons in an ever-adjustable sweep of radii, while maintaining the pitch and comfort of a contoured seating surface. Now imagine incorporating sufficient precision to hold, maintain, and weld dozens of such pieces. We can now produce benches in fixed radii, concentric radii, even the classic moving elegance of the French curve. And, because of the investment in tooling and technology, we can do all this cost-effectively, flexibly and quickly. More Information

SD-35 Litter Receptacle

Side-door litter receptacles are a marvel of detail and structural integrity. The side-door hinges have stainless-steel hinge pins and oil-impregnated bronze bushings.

Standard tapered formed lid. Latch. Bottom recessed pedestal.

All fabricated metal components are steel shotblasted, etched, phosphatized, preheated and electrostatically powder-coated with TGIC polyester powder coatings.

Other standard features include a formed lid attached to the frame, a high-density plastic liner, and rubber-tipped leveling feet on the base.

Interior plastic liners for our litter receptacles offer substantial value and are produced on molds that we designed and own. These plastic cans are reinforced, ribbed, and molded for durability, ease of use, and greater capacity. More Information

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