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Pre-order the Miller Edge Monitored Light Curtain NOW!


An invisible curtain of protection
Using a series of thru beam photo eyes attached near the door track or guides, this light curtain is designed to provide a dense barrier of light that, when interrupted, signals the door to reverse. With the ability to span up to 32 feet wide and 6 feet high, it is suitable for use on the majority of commercial and industrial door applications.

The Miller Edge Light Curtain is a UL-325 compliant monitored device that replaces a photo eye and provides extended protection.


Light Curtain Kit: 3 foot coverage
Includes: MLC-E36 Emitter + MLC-R36 Receiver with 3’ cable attached + mounting brackets

Light Curtain Kit: 6 foot coverage
Includes: MLC-E72 Emitter + MLC-R72 Receiver with 3’ cable attached + mounting brackets

Functional Benefits:

  • UL-325 approved
  • Waterproof housing (IP67)
  • No external interface box required
  • Simplified wiring
  • Includes mounting brackets for easy installation
Optical Specification:
Max. Operating Range: 32 feet
No. of Elements: 8 or 16
Max. Ambient Light: >100,000 Lux
Aperture Angle: Tx: _ 10º and Rx: _ 20º

Electrical Specification:
Status LED Rx: Object Detected: RED; Power OK: GREEN
Power LED Tx: Power OK : GREEN
Supply Voltage: 12...24 VAC/DC
Current Consumption: < 100 mA @ 24 VDC

Mechanical Specification:
Cross Section: 1.0 in x 1.1in
Max. Physical Height: 38 in and 74 in
Max. Protection Height: 36 in and 72 in
Housing Material: Black PVC over aluminum
Enclosure Rating: IP67
Temperature Range: - 40º C...+60º C (- 40ºF... + 140ºF)

Download Product Datasheet

Available on July 2015, Pre-Order NOW!

About Miller Edge

Miller Edge is a privately held family business originally founded in 1936 by Norman K. Miller. Originally known as “Miller Brothers”, the company was formed in Philadelphia, PA.

Following his honorable discharge from the US Army, Norman received a phone call from General Merrill Burnside requesting him to develop a safety product for use on hangar doors at Wright Patterson Air Base in Ohio. Norman developed the product and was issued the first patent for an “Electrically Activated Safety Edge for Hangar Doors” in 1957.

Since then the Miller Edge product line has grown to include both touch sensitive and non-contact sensing devices as well as related controls and accessories. Our products can be found on driveway gates, storefront grills, mass transit vehicles, and in automated manufacturing plants.

Norman K. Miller’s inventive spirit and entrepreneurial dedication live on through the company he founded. Miller Edge continues to focus on innovative customer solutions, and continuous quality improvement.

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