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Miller Edge got you covered, with Perimeter Guarding Tips


Perimeter guards are used to create a barrier to entrance into a hazardous area. Often, “hard guards” such as fencing are used for this purpose. In some situations these types of guards may not be desirable as they may also obstruct sight.

For areas that require a clear line of sight, Miller Edge provides solutions.

Safety Mats for Perimeter Guarding
Guardian Mat may be used for perimeter guarding surrounding potentially hazardous plant equipment.

Guardian Mat is placed on the floor in the “safe” zone to signal equipment to stop before a person enters the hazardous area. This presence-sensing mat operates on the principle of a basic normally open switch. When a specified weight is applied to the mat, the inner flexible contact elements touch and “close” the switch. Typically these mats are wired to the emergency motor controls to signal the equipment to stop.

Accessories: Controllers and Trim Retainers
Optional controllers are used for monitoring the safety inputs from the mat. If the wiring is cut or there is a fault in the mat system, a signal is sent to the motor controls to stop operation.

Beveled aluminum trim retainers are used to secure the mat to the floor. ME151 Guardian Mats may be wired in series to create a continuous sensitized area.

Custom Sizes, shapes and sensitivity
Our mats are custom manufactured to your exact specifications for size and shape. Additionally, sensitivity may be specified at time of manufacture.

Plant safety requirements are varied so we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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