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Project Spotlight: Young Living Essential Oils Global Headquarters

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Young Living Essential Oils commemorated its 25-year anniversary in May 2019 with the unveiling of its fresh five-story, 263,000-square-foot global headquarters in Lehi, UT. Spanning 27 acres, the stunning $70-million facility offers enough office, meeting, laboratory, and instructional space for over 1,000 employees and large groups of visitors. Expansive gardens, immense skylights, and a three-story indoor waterfall are just a few of the facility’s many awe-inspiring amenities.

As the world’s leader in essential oils and a key influencer in the global wellness movement, Young Living wanted its headquarters to reflect the company’s commitment to health and healing through natural products. ”Our goal was to embody the vision of our founder, D. Gary Young,” said President and COO of Young Living, Jared Turner, “He envisioned a world where everyone enjoyed whole-life wellness”. And though Mr. Young passed away before the headquarter’s completion, his vibrant vision lives on in the facility’s irrigated walls, research greenhouse, the D. Gary Young museum, and the many visitors and product users whose life and wellness he continues to influence.

“Founder Gary Young and I decided the story the building should tell is ‘nature’s living energy’, and we collaborated closely on building forms that would most effectively express that story,” said architect Kevin Scholz of Scholz Architects. Young Living’s zero-waste philosophy and dedication to living in harmony with nature is expressed in the building’s flowing facade, blooming interior, and its many eco-friendly features – including solar panels, vehicle charging stations, and interior glass walls to maximize natural lighting. These green incentives qualify the headquarters for both LEED Silver and Green Globe certification.

Young Living also utilizes translucent daylighting to increase natural light and lower carbon emission. The Guardian 275® single slope translucent skylight, located on the Research Greenhouse building just below the “Young Living” sign, is not only a soothing aesthetic, it’s also good for the environment and well in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability. The skylight system, which provides soft, diffuse natural light for those inside, was also designed to overhang the building, creating a small canopy that provides extra shading during peak sun hours. By reducing the need for artificial lighting while simultaneously preventing unwanted solar heat gain from increasing cooling costs, the system creates a comfortable atmosphere for workers and visitors without relying on excessive electrical consumption.

To learn more about how translucent skylights like this one can balance green initiatives with dazzling architectural design, contact the Major Industries sales team at 888-759-2678 or [email protected].

Architect: Scholz Architects

Contractor: Okland Construction

Installer: Mollerup Glass Co Inc

Sales Representative: Daly Associates, Inc.

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