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Save Money With The DIY Roof Protection & Preservation System From Somay

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SOMAY ROOF MASTIC is a lot less expensive than any new roof - that's why it has been called "The New Roof in a Can". SOMAY ROOF MASTIC is the easiest and least expensive way for you to save your old roof and make it last years longer. It's the "do-it-yourself" job that can save you thousands of dollars. No other coating is ever needed.

Click here to see a chart comparing the costs of applying the SOMAY ROOF MASTIC SYSTEM to seal, waterproof, windproof, protect and preserve your existing tile or shingle roof vs. rip off and total replacement of your current roof with NEW tiles or shingles in the south Florida area

With two coats of white, reflective SOMAY ROOF MASTIC, the results are amazing … no leaks …protection from ultra-violet sun rays … cooler house … lower electric bills … and the roof can last indefinitely, because SOMAY ROOF MASTIC is made from acrylic resins to retain its flexible, sealing and waterproof characteristics for many years.

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Somay Manufacturing, Inc. provides solutions to customers' problems through the manufacture of Waterproofing Coatings, House & Wall Paints, Concrete and Floor Coatings, Primers/Undercoaters/Sealers, Enamel Paints, Traffic Safety Marking Paints, Roof Paints, Specialty Paints & Coatings, Clear Coatings, Custom Manufactured Products and the many other quality paints and coatings.

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