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Skylight Demarcation from BlueWater Mfg


The Skylight Demarcation Kit provides visual location of skylights on snow covered rooftops. Four orange colored fiberglass markers are used to indicate each corner of the skylight. On larger skylights, additional markers can be installed around the periphery. The markers easily attach to all of BlueWater’s Skylight Defenders and are also designed to fit other manufacturer’s skylight screens.


The kit includes four 5/16” diameter 48” tall orange fiberglass markers with a band of reflective tape located near the top. Stainless steel mounting brackets are provided along with all the mounting hardware to connect to the BlueWater Skylight Defender. Mounting holes are provided to connect to other manufacturer’s products using customer supplied screws.

The Skylight Demarcation Kits are develop to enhance the protection to your Skylight Defender. Additional protection is delivered as a visual warning to your workers by identifying the location of the skylight when the rooftop is covered with snow or any other debris.

BlueWater is the first in the industry to deliver this type of added protection and convenience to the worker, by providing aid the worker and successfully navigate the rooftop without any trip hazards that could potentially cause a fall or slip on the rooftop.

Download Installation Manual

Download CAD

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