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Snow Bird: a Strong & Versatile Snow Guard for 18 Roof Types


Snow Bird: a Strong & Versatile Snow Guard for 18 Roof Types

Alpine SnowGuards’ Snow Bird is a top 10 best-selling snow guard. Its name harkens to when snow guards closely resembled birds. Alpine streamlined the classic design and brought a stronger and more versatile product to today’s market. Learn more about Snow Birds’ ideal roof types, strengths and performance testing. Be “Winter Ready” with Snow Bird Snow Guards – in stock and ready to ship!

Best Snow Guard for Synthetic Slate & Shake

Snow Birds are one of Alpine’s best products for synthetic slate and shake. Any shingle over 3/8” thick needs a taller snow guard like Snow Bird, whether it’s interlocking or not. Its height exposes more of the snow guard above the shingle. This creates much needed extra friction on the roof surface.

Overall, the winged design of Alpine’s Snow Bird and its 18” strap length make it an ideal snow guard for 18 roof types:

  • New / Existing Slate
  • New / Existing Synthetic Slate or Shake
  • New / Existing Composition Shingle
  • New / Existing Cedar Shingle
  • New / Existing Flat Tile
  • New / Existing French Tile
  • New / Existing Spanish Tile New / Existing Rounded Tile

Optional Rods for Optimum Strength

Alpine’s Snow Bird is a “hybrid” snow guard design. It was designed as pad-style but an engineering innovation transforms it into pipe-style when retrofit with optional rods. The rods can be installed before or after roof construction. Non-interlocking synthetics can also use Snow Bird with the rods. Pipe-style systems, in general, provide the strongest snow management capabilities.

More Snow Bird Strengths

  • Testing shows a single Snow Bird in stainless steel or copper plated stainless steel* manages 1,000lb ultimate snow load
  • Effectively manages snow on roof pitches up to 16:12
  • Extensively performance tested at our in-house facility
  • Pairs with dozens of roofing manufacturers
  • Can be powder coated in 92+ colors

View Cut Sheets, Revit Files & More

Snow Bird was introduced in March 2021 and is available in galvanized steel and custom powder-coated galvanized steel options, pre-powder coated dark bronze galvanized steel, brass and copper-plated stainless steel*. View the Snow Bird product page for cut sheets, Revit files and more.

*Copper-plated parts are sealed to prevent permanent discoloration during the production process. This sealant inhibits the natural patina process for 2-3 years.

Snow Guard Calculator

Snow Bird is in stock and ready to ship! Sign up for Alpine’s Snow Guard Calculator and receive project-specific pricing, access to a comparison tool for budgeting and research, and more.

Winter Ready Snow Guard Lead Times

Check out this season’s snow guard lead times and get “Winter Ready!” This short list of best-selling snow guards and lead times will be updated frequently throughout the season.

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