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Tap Into 3 Hot Trends With Our 2020 Market Colors

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Mar 21, 2020

Need fresh ideas for your next project? Get inspired with the 2020 Sherwin-Williams Market Colors, collections curated for commercial, hospitality, healthcare, education, multi-family and new residential market segments.

Chosen by Sherwin-Williams color experts with specialized knowledge about each segment, the collections offer choices that bring personality to any space or structure — inside or out.

The common thread running through these carefully chosen colors is passion for people — optimizing their experiences, no matter the setting, through strategic use of hues ranging from bold to barely there.

“Tying color into everyday happiness is exciting,” says Michael Plank, Sherwin-Williams director of color for wholesale markets. “As we take a deeper dive into markets, we’re incorporating macro-trends, and we’re helping clients consider the specific needs of their demographic groups.”

The diverse Market Colors collections reflect this deep understanding of context. They also speak to key design trends.

Crossover Spaces

Blurring of the lines between public and private spaces creates opportunities for design and color to work together. One development fueling this trend is growth in multi-family structures, which usually feature inviting common areas. Another shift is a softening of the lines between work and home, which creates opportunities to borrow from the best of both.

“People want to be part of a community and see fun, dramatic spaces but also segment them out,” Plank says. “For example, ‘cocooning nooks’ might incorporate wood and fabric to create little ‘phone booths,’ if you will, in public spaces. They’re part of the overall design and still flow with the space.”

Plank enjoys seeing Naval SW 6244 (253-C6) as a new neutral in these shared spaces. For a burst of lively color, he’s warm on golden yellows, such as Olden Amber SW 9013 (132-C4), a color he remembers from his childhood and that is experiencing a renaissance.

Permission to Play

Life can be serious enough. Perhaps that’s why a strong embrace of playful color hits all the right notes in so many settings right now.

“We’re seeing the return of maximalism,” Plank notes. Saturated, bright colors — often layered together to create a stunning symphony of color — have become darlings of the moment.

A go-to hue to make fun happen fast? Plank loves a punchy pink, such as Eros Pink SW 6860 (105-C5). For more options, check out Vibrant Splash or Bold Revival in the Commercial Color Collection.

In a Word: Wellness

Who wouldn’t like to be at the spa or the beach more often? Soft, tranquil hues bring a whisper of nature and spa-like serenity to settings ranging from schools to offices to healthcare facilities.

“Cooler, grayer greens are definitely a huge trend, and they are part of the overall wellness story,” Plank says. “The colors we associate with resorts and spas are even trickling into multi-family.”

Sherwin-Williams Market Colors collections such as Calm Comfort, Rich Earth and Outside In achieve the effect of drawing people closer to nature.

Plank and the team of Sherwin-Williams color experts would love to hear from you.

Share your favorite colors, comment on trends and ask questions by emailing us: [email protected].

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