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Theater Seating for Large Venues from Preferred Seating

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Your responsibility for a venue with commercial seating may be at a performing arts center, a church or a stadium. Or, your corporation may have conference facilities and other areas that require high-quality seating.

Whatever your requirements may be, the specialists at Preferred Seating can assist in a number of ways. They can suggest appropriate styles, accommodate special requests and provide volume discounts. A successful theater seating or auditorium seating decision will pay off in performance, savings and peace-of-mind for years to come. We welcome the opportunity to join you on this journey toward a proper commercial seating decision.

Consider some of these “best practices” as the selection process unfolds:

Seating in Larger Venues

Regardless of the number of theater seas that are needed, due diligence should be exercised in analyzing construction techniques, warranties and customizability. However, unlike home theater chair buyers, for example, commercial buyers will not typically consider ultra-luxurious theatre chairs. Instead, upfront costs and ease-of-maintenance will be important considerations. Therefore, massaging recliners with exotic wood trims will not be selected. The expense and the lesser durability of such residential theater seating would be problematic.

Explore Volume Discount Opportunity

A commercial client will frequently spend less per chair on far more units. Consider cinema seating, for example. A typical theater may require about 225 theatre chairs per screen. In many cinemas, several screens are common, and 8-10 or more screens are not uncommon. Therefore, commercial clients typically buy in volume, and they usually buy just one style. This maintains brand consistency and makes future alterations easier to complete.

Corporate and other volume buyers must always attend to the bottom line. Bulk purchases justify carefully calculated volume discounts. Therefore, the list prices of various theater seating options should only be a starting point. Not all seat styles can be discounted in the same manner, so it is important to work carefully with a vendor’s representative to establish volume discounts for specific kinds of theater seats. Ultimately, price, features and warranty must all be considered in determining which deal is the very best for one’s situation.

Optimizing Comfort

It is true that a commercial client is not likely to opt for luxuries like power recliners and adjustable headrests. Nonetheless, comfort is still a critical factor. Patrons are more likely to return if they have remained comfortable during a two-hour film or theatrical performance. Ergonomic designs and good lumbar support are often essential components. For example, a tufted or “pub-style” seat back will offer extra lumber support. Rockers also allow patrons to shift comfortably during extended events and shows. In most cases, cup holders and fold-up arms will be included to improve the customer experience.

Key Maintenance Considerations

Theater seats and auditorium seating in public venues will often be subjected to harsh use. For example, cleaning costs should be carefully considered when a decision is made to opt for either regular fabric or microfiber upholstery.

A few dollars saved upfront might become insignificant if cleaning and repair costs increase in the coming years. Work closely with an experienced commercial supplier to better determine which seating may truly withstand the test of time.

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