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Timing Is Everything - When Is the Right Time to Use Bullet-Resistant Glass?


Timing Is Everything - When Is the Right Time to Use Bullet-Resistant Glass?

Architects are working on project specifications for bullet-resistant glass in new and existing buildings, and sometimes they’re even more surprised to see that secure glass and building materials were excluded from a bid. So when is the right time to use a secure material?

The answer is simple. Now.

Whether you’re designing a new or remodeled convenience store, medical facility, ticket window, school or any other type of secure building, it’s more cost and time effective to install bullet-resistant materials during construction than to do a retrofit project. It’s all about less mess and hassle, too.

In the wake of all the recent shootings, schools are remodeling their front and side entry points in droves. Hospitals are the site of about 70% of workplace violence incidents (Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, April 2018), which can be greatly reduced with ricochet-prevention through bullet-resistant glass, steel frames, and secure doors. The innovations in deal trays and speakers ensure safe and personal interactions between your staff and guests while keeping your employees safe.

While no building material is “bulletproof,” bullet-resistant glass, window frames and doors are designed to withstand attack until first responders arrive and can help to prevent injuries. Call a friendly Armortex expert for help determining the right product to fit your needs and budget at 800-880-8306 or visit us online to learn more about our products.

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