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About Tectum Inc.

Tectum Inc.

P.O. Box 3002
City, state:
Newark, OH
Postal code:
43058-3002 show map
United States

Keeping a Lid on Noise for Over 60 Years
Whether you require wall panels, ceiling panels, or an acoustical roof deck, Tectum Inc. has the right product for your noise problem. Our reputation for acoustical solutions in the commercial and institutional construction industries is well respected. With over 60 years experience in reducing noise worldwide, Tectum Inc. specializes in acoustic panels that are both abuse and impact resistant.

Easy to work with and install, Tectum panels and systems are cost effective and require little maintenance. They are available in natural, white or custom-painted finishes, and are field-paintable up to six times.

Tectum products are cementitious wood fiber acoustical panels composed of aspen wood fibers. All of our products carry a Class A/1 interior finish rating for flame and smoke. In addition, all Tectum products are "green" because they are manufactured using only renewable wood and other sustainable raw materials.

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Company Information from Tectum Inc.

Company Information from Tectum Inc.
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Acoustical Solutions: Designing with Cementitious Wood Fiber Products
Free Online Continuing Education Course; 1 hour program. Provides an overview of cementitious wood fiber products in creating acoustically sound commercial spaces. Products including ceiling panels, interior panels, and structural roof deck systems are reviewed. Complete this class for both AIA and state credit as well as qualifying for HSW credit.
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Environmental Statement
Tectum Inc. fully endorses the LEED Green Building Rating System. A number of our representatives are LEED Accredited Professionals and members of local USGBC Chapters. Our products contribute to the following credits of the LEED rating system:...
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Products from Tectum Inc.

Products from Tectum Inc.
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Interior Wall Panels Tectum Interior Wall Panels offer an effective, permanent and attractive solution for any kind of activity that produces undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space. They are abuse resistant and are able to withstand the impact of thrown or... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Interior Ceiling Panels Tectum Ceiling Panels combine a unique textured beauty with superior abuse resistance. These high-impact wood fiber panels combine several functions that truly set them apart for use in commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Fabri-Tough™ Wall Panels Abuse-resistant Tectum Fabri-Tough acoustical panels set a new standard for durability in fabric-wrap wall panel systems. Control noise efficiently, economically and attractively in open-plan, closed or mixed-use space with the Fabri-Tough wall panel... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Fabri-Tough II Wall Panels Tectum Fabri-Tough II Wall Panels are the latest innovative wall panel introduced by Tectum Inc. Combining abuse-resistant Tectum Wall Panels and a 1/16 inch, 18-pound density fiberglass facer laminated to the face of the panel with new designer... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Fabri-Glass™ Wall Panels The Tectum Fabri-Glass wall panel system is a very cost-effective way to control unwanted noise. The 1”-thick fiberglass substrate is covered by a wide choice of woven or non-woven fabrics in many color selections. Tectum Fabri-Glass provides a... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Hanging Baffles The use of Tectum acoustical panels as hanging sound baffles is growing in popularity as the paintability and ease of application in numerous situations and the need for their sound absorbing qualities is recognized by architects and acoustical... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Cloud Panels Tectum Cloud Panels deliver design flexibility and acoustical performance in areas where a grid is not practical and superior noise control is needed. Tectum clouds are designed for a floating system with no visible suspension. Cloud panels can be... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Tectum I Acoustical Roof Deck Tectum I is typically used in low-slope applications and provides a thermal barrier for field-applied foam plastics. It is compatible with virtually all roof installation materials. Underside exposed joints have attractive beveled edges. LS (long... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Tectum III Acoustical Roof Deck The Tectum III roof deck panel is a composite of a 1½" or thicker Tectum substrate, Dow Styrofoam® brand XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation 1½" to 8" thick and 7/16" OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing with a slip-resistant surface. Components... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Tectum E Acoustical Roof Deck The Tectum E roof deck panel is a composite of a 1½” or thicker Tectum substrate, EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation and 7/16“ OSB sheathing with a slip-resistant surface. Components are bonded with code-listed structural adhesives.... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL

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(03510) Cementitious Roof Deck
(06120) Structural Panel
(07160) Cementitious and Reactive Waterproofing
(07200) Thermal Protection
(07220) Roof and Deck Insulation
(07400) Roofing and Siding Panel
(07410) Metal Roof and Wall Panel
(07420) Plastic Roof and Wall Panel
(07440) Faced Panel
(07450) Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Panel
(07470) Wood Roof and Wall Panel
(09130) Acoustical Suspension
(09210) Gypsum Plaster
(09500) Ceiling
(09510) Acoustical Ceiling
(09545) Speciality Ceiling
(09710) Acoustical Wall Finishes
(09770) Special Wall Surface
(09800) Acoustical Treatment
(09810) Acoustical Space Unit
(09820) Acoustical Insulation and Sealant
(09830) Acoustical Barrier
(09840) Acoustical Wall Treatment
(09940) Decorative Finishes
(13080) Sound, Vibration and Seismic Control
(03 50 00) Cast Decks and Underlayment
(03 51 16) Gypsum Concrete Roof Decks
(06 16 63) Cementitious Sheathing
(07 40 00) Roofing and Siding Panels
  (07 42 00) Wall Panels
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(09 53 00) Acoustical Ceiling Suspension Assemblies
(09 54 00) Specialty Ceilings
(09 57 00) Special Function Ceilings
(09 58 00) Integrated Ceiling Assemblies
(09 77 00) Special Wall Surfacing
(09 80 00) Acoustic Treatment
(09 81 00) Acoustic Insulation
(09 81 13) Acoustic Board Insulation
(09 83 00) Acoustic Finishes
(09 83 13) Acoustic Wall Coating
(09 83 16) Acoustic Ceiling Coating
(09 84 00) Acoustic Room Components
(09 84 13) Fixed Sound-Absorptive Panels
(09 84 16) Fixed Sound-Reflective Panels
(09 84 23) Moveable Sound-Absorptive Panels
(09 84 26) Moveable Sound-Reflective Panels
(09 84 33) Sound-Absorbing Wall Units
(09 84 36) Sound-Absorbing Ceiling Units
(09 94 00) Decorative Finishing
(13 48 00) Sound, Vibration, and Seismic Control

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