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Armstrong Adds MetalWorks Lay-In Ceiling Panels Specifically Designed for Use in its DynaMax Grid System


New additions provide an expanded portfolio of options when designing datacenters and other structural ceiling applications

Armstrong Adds MetalWorks Lay-In Ceiling Panels Specifically Designed for Use in its DynaMax Grid System

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has added MetalWorks™Lay-In ceiling panels to its portfolio of ceiling systems specifi cally designed for use with its DynaMax® suspension system. DynaMax is an aluminum structural grid system designed to support heavy point loads in data centers and other structural ceiling applications.

The new panels join a portfolio of other Armstrong ceiling solutions that offer coordinating, specially sized panels that integrate with DynaMax grid to create a complete ceiling system solution. Those ceilings include Calla®, Dune®, Ultima®, Ultima® AirAssure®, and Optima® PB Lay-in panels.

The metal additions provide architects and designers with an expanded portfolio of options when designing data centers and structural ceiling applications. The factory-fit ceiling panels also eliminate the need for contractors to field modify panels in standard suspension layouts.

Offer Aesthetic and Acoustic Benefits

Available in a sleek white metallic finish that is easy to clean, the new panels are offered in two standard sizes, 2' x 2' and 4' x 4' nominal. Environmentally, the panels are part of the Armstrong® Sustain™ portfolio that meets the most stringent industry sustainability compliance standards today.

The panels are available in both perforated and unperforated versions. When installed in non-data center applications and backed with an acoustical infill, the perforated panels provide a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) up to 0.85, meaning they absorb up to 85 percent of the noise that strikes them.

This acoustic performance is relevant in spaces such as grab-and-go convenience stores that need to suspend cameras and other equipment directly from structural grid.

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