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Canyon View Elementary School Remodeling Success Story


Sustainability runs deep at the recently renovated Canyon View Elementary School in Kennewick, Washington. The over-30-year-old school desperately needed new electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, a real wood-floor gymnasium, and larger classrooms. But green design directed every dime of the $7 million makeover. The builders recycled more than 1.3 tons of concrete, steel, and other materials; even the old sprinkler system was refashioned into a bike rack.

The list of goals included better air quality (at the right temperature), energy efficiency, improved water management inside and out, and, at the very top, daylighting and lighting quality through glare and light controls. The goals were not only met but exceeded Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol requirements.

Not surprisingly, Kalwall, a green product itself and a leader in green construction and daylighting, was chosen to flesh out the school's striking front entrance canopy. "The intent for this design," says project architect Cameron Golightly of Design West Architects, "was to provide canopies that [are] light and inviting, drawing people into the building while also providing shade." Translucent Kalwall allows controlled daylight to filter through into an area that would otherwise be dark, especially on overcast days.

The canopy runs along the school's bus pick up/drop off area; above the main entrance, it fans outward and tilts up as if the school is tipping its hat in a welcoming gesture. "The Kalwall canopies compliment the steel tube structure, allowing minimal structure elements to maintain a light and inviting canopy with a smooth curved shape."

The Kennewick community is thrilled with the reborn Canyon View Elementary School, the first of several schools to be rehabilitated or constructed thanks to a $68 million, voter-approved bond. At the ribbon cutting and open house, ten-year-old fourth grader Steven Seiner declared it simply "Awesome!" Adds Golightly, "I like the shape, structure, and function of the canopies that provide shade while diffusing light. The design goals were certainly achieved and we couldn't be more pleased with the end result."

Canyon View Elementary School
Kennewick, WA

Architect: Design West Architects

For more information, contact:
Bruce Keller
Kalwall Corporation +1 603-627-3861 (800-258-9777 N. America)

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