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Case Study: Kapolei Middle School, Hawaii's Second City


The Hawaiian Islands have a lot to offer – pristine beaches, natural beauty and friendly citizens. And now, with the help of Ruskin and its partner contractors, it also has a state-of-the-art middle school campus.

Case Study: Kapolei Middle School, Hawaii's Second City

In order to accommodate the continued growth of Kapolei, the Kapolei School District recently constructed a new middle school campus. Located on Hawaii’s most populated island,
Oahu, the new Kapolei Middle School is a perfect example of how new architecture can be used to enhance and serve the community.

“Our new school is designed to educate up to 1,600 students with multi-track schedules ensuring the community may continue to grow,” says Annette Nishikawa, principal at the school. “We
are pleased with our new facilities.”

Working with a local architect, Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc., the district developed a design that includes Ruskin’s ELF520DD rain resistant and sight proof louvers. Located in the block wall and metal roofed structures of the administration, classroom and cultural center buildings, these louvers serve a dual purpose – to protect the ventilation openings against environmental elements and enhance the exterior of the campus buildings.

The design team used the horizontal lines of the louvers to highlight the canopy on the entrance of the cultural center and accent the gables on several buildings. Additional Ruskin louvers were used to protect the ground level openings of the unit ventilators for each classroom.

The general contractor, Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc., coordinated construction of the campus. The building roofing and louver systems were installed by Quality Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Company Limited.

The project challenged Ruskin’s design and manufacturing team with a number of unique shapes and angles. To successfully meet the specifications, the ELF520DD louvers were
precision fabricated to ensure it would fit each of the openings.

“Ruskin’s attention to detail resulted in a seamless installation,” reports Roy Kawakami Jr. of Quality S/M & A/C Co. Ltd. Coordinating the louver portion of the project, Ruskin’s representative, Norman Wright Mechanical Equipment Corporation, Inc., worked closely with Quality S/M ensuring the quantities, sizes and types of louvers were correct.

“The various shapes and changing opening dimensions as this project developed, kept us on our toes,” says Curtis Kenmostu, Norman Wright’s Hawaii manager. “Ruskin’s timely response and complete and accurate CAD drawings eliminated potential installation problems.”

To and faculty, exterior finishes and colors were chosen to complement the architecture of the neighborhood.

“Ruskin’s computer matching automated finishing system eliminated the need for field finishing the louvers,” says Curtis. “All of the louvers include a 20-year warranted factory applied Kynar finish.”

Protection of any HVAC openings in buildings challenges the architect for functionality and appearance. The Kapolei Middle School project is just one example of Ruskin’s commitment to meeting these challenges by providing quality products and excellent service.

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