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Our Mission
Since 1958, Ruskin has been keeping air flowing efficiently, quietly and safely in buildings where people work and live. We are leaders in the air control industry because we care about empowering our partners and customers to build better buildings and ultimately, to build them with healthy and comfortable air.

That’s why we are always out front with the best air control solutions in the industry. From dampers and louvers, to air measuring systems and ERVs, Ruskin is recognized for consistent innovation, engineering excellence and precision manufacturing. And Ruskin’s knowledgeable, dedicated rep network adds value by listening to customer needs and providing expert advice and nimble service.

We take pride in the fact that the Ruskin name is synonymous with quality! That is why we were the first to obtain ISO9001 quality certification and we continue to lead the industry with this certification. ISO9001 provides a model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and service. ISO9001 helps guarantee that our processes are consistent in all of our plants and that translates to greater efficiencies, better products and superior service. It is further proof of our commitment to continual improvement!

Industry Partners
As a customer driven manufacturer of high-quality air and sound control products, Ruskin knows the importance of recognizing and satisfying customer needs. By having excellent factory-trained representatives throughout the world - Ruskin makes certain its customers get the support they need – NOW. It is our customer care professionals and representatives that continue to make Ruskin the top choice for engineers, architects and contractors in the building construction process. Our partners assist clients with every aspect of their HVAC needs including application, selection, ordering and jobsite support. Through Ruskin’s ongoing training program, our representatives are the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals. It is through this team of well-trained experts that Ruskin brings its experience and expertise to the industry. We also know the more our team and our customers know about the industry and our products, the more you’ll know that Ruskin is the right choice.

Innovation Backed by Testing
Ruskin leads the industry by developing new and innovative solutions to the toughest air and sound control problems in commercial buildings and industrial processes. Our advanced Research and Development test laboratory in Kansas City is the finest facility of its kind. Our lab is registered by the Air Movement and Control Association-AMCA and performs some of the most rigorous testing in the industry; ensuring products meet customer requirements and industry standards. Whether it is wind-driven rain, heated air, leakage, high pressure or noise levels, Ruskin products are tested to perform to these standards to meet — and exceed your expectations.

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Company Information from Ruskin

Company Information from Ruskin
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Ruskin Literature
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Products from Ruskin

Products from Ruskin
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Access Doors Ruskin access doors enable access into ducts without compromising safety or ventilation. Ruskin has a wide variety of doors to meet different duct styles and application needs. Brochures     URL
Actuators and Damper Accessories Actuators enable a damper to operate with controlled closure. Ruskin offers several different actuators, from pneumatic to electrical styles. Ruskin provides damper accessories to customize our dampers in order to meet your needs. Brochures     URL
Air Measuring Bring Green Indoors... with an AMCA certified, factory commissioned and calibrated RUSKIN Air Measuring Station. AMCA certification is a voluntary program that requires periodical inspection of the manufacturing process and tests to insure accuracy... Brochures      
Control Dampers For some applications, it is essential that thermal conductivity be kept at a minimum. Ruskin's Insulating Control Dampers are perfect for performing this task. Brochures     URL
Fire and Smoke Dampers Ceiling Dampers, Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers, Corridor Dampers, Fire Dampers, Marine Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers. Fire rated ceilings protect the structure of the floor or roof above from flames and heat in a building fire. HVAC openings, such as... Brochures     URL
Industrial Control Dampers Ruskin is the industry leader in manufacturing quality, heavy-duty control dampers for industrial applications. Built from strong materials and designed on state-of-the-art equipment, they are perfect for demanding conditions. Each has added features... Brochures     URL
Louvers Louvers, Hurricane Louvers, Sun Shades, Screens and Grilles. Ruskin screens are proven interior and exterior installations, at ground level and roof top, in new construction and renovation. They lower building costs by eliminating or reducing... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Sound Control Ruskin Sound Control offers the most complete line of acoustical louvers on the market. All products are AMCA licensed for water penetration and air performance. The product is offered in standard galvanized steel or alternative aluminum... Brochures     URL
Zone Control Products Ruskin's complete line of zone control products was developed to meet an increasing demand for zone specific products combined with individual controls. These products are well suited for both retrofit applications as well as new construction. Select... Brochures     URL

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(05580) Formed Metal Fabrication
(07210) Building Insulation
(07220) Roof and Deck Insulation
(07710) Manufactured Roof Specialties
(08300) Specialty Door
(08310) Access Doors and Panel
(10200) Louvers and Vent
(10210) Wall Louver
(10225) Door Louver
(10230) Vent
(10240) Grilles and Screen
(10705) Exterior Sun Control Device
(10710) Exterior Shutter
(15070) Mechanical, Sound, Vibration and Seismic Control
(15800) Air Distribution
(15820) Duct Accessories
(15822) Dampers
(05 58 00) Formed Metal Fabrications
(05 58 13) Column Covers
(05 58 16) Formed Metal Enclosures
(07 21 00) Thermal Insulation
(07 22 00) Roof and Deck Insulation
(07 22 13) Asphaltic Perlite Concrete Deck
(07 22 16) Roof Board Insulation
(07 71 00) Roof Specialties
  (07 71 13) Manufactured Copings
(07 71 16) Manufactured Counterflashing Systems
(07 71 19) Manufactured Gravel Stops and Facias
(07 71 23) Manufactured Gutters and Downspouts
(07 71 26) Reglets
(07 71 33) Manufactured Scuppers
(08 31 00) Access Doors and Panels
(08 31 13) Access Doors and Frames
(08 31 16) Access Panels and Frames
(08 90 00) Louvers and Vents
(08 91 13) Motorized Wall Louvers
(08 91 16) Operable Wall Louvers
(08 91 19) Fixed Louvers
(08 91 26) Door Louvers
(08 95 00) Vents
(08 95 13) Soffit Vents
(08 95 16) Wall Vents
(10 71 13) Exterior Sun Control Devices
(10 82 00) Grilles and Screens
(21 05 48) Vibration and Seismic Controls for Fire-Suppression Piping and Equipment
(22 05 48) Vibration and Seismic Controls for Plumbing Piping and Equipment
(23 05 48) Vibration and Seismic Controls for HVAC
(23 30 00) HVAC Air Distribution
(23 33 00) Air Duct Accessories
(23 33 13) Dampers

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