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How Designers Are Using the Color of the Year

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From a serene sitting area to a dramatic ceiling, see how designers are incorporating the natural beauty of Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (245-C7) into their projects.

Ever since announcing the Sherwin-Williams 2021 Color of the Year — Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (245-C7) — we’ve seen beautiful examples of how designers are using the hue. For the suburban Philadelphia sitting area shown above, designer Brandi Adoff went all in, painting the walls, trim and ceiling Urbane Bronze.

“The dark color made this nook recede into the background of the rest of the room, and it accentuated and highlighted the colors outside,” she says. “It didn’t disappoint.” The four exceptional projects below don’t disappoint, either, and they show the versatility of this rooted-in-nature hue.

Photo by Jim Bartsch

A Dramatic Backdrop for Dining

Designer Samantha Keeping knew a rich paint color would help create definition for this dining room in Santa Barbara, California. “I like to be bold with color because it can be transformative to a space, and Urbane Bronze was just what I was looking for,” she says. “The saturated color added the depth we needed.” A geometric grid of mirrors balances the look with just the right dash of shimmer and light.

Photo by Patrick Hood

Topped Off With Style

Urbane Bronze has long been a “must-have” hue for designer Jennifer Haahs. “I love using it for ceilings or walls because it is amazingly rich and beautiful no matter the style or project,” she says. In this space at the Peninsula Club in Cornelius, North Carolina, Haahs used it on the ceiling. “It gives such a sophisticated and modern look, but one that’s still warm and inviting,” she says.

Photo by Native House Photography

A Key Ingredient in the Kitchen

Although this kitchen in Winter Park, Florida, is newly renovated, designer John McClain wanted it to feel like it had been there forever. “Urbane Bronze was our immediate color choice for the cabinetry to bring richness, depth and a sense of antiquity,” he says. The color also balances the vibrant tile covering all exposed walls. “Juxtaposing Urbane Bronze against all of the other color and pattern grounded and instantly elevated the entire space.”

Photo by Sara Rose Design

Bringing Calm to the Home Office

The home office is the first thing you see when entering this home in Noblesville, Indiana, and designer Sara Rose wanted to make what she describes as a dramatic yet tasteful statement. “Urbane Bronze really draws your eye in,” she says. “It makes all the other finishes, textures and accessories just pop.”

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