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New From BlueWater Mfg Company: Ladder Defender


The Ladder Defender is a cost effective product for providing a controlled zone to an access ladder. It allows you safe egress/ingress to and from the ladder. Our unique design incorporates our finishing rail which allows our system to span a parapet wall.

The GuardDog Self Closing Gate is available as an option. The gate should be mounted on the rail sections farthest from the ladder. This creates a safe environment at the ladder by reducing the possibility of the gate closing on a hand.

We have three types of brackets for mounting to the ladder frame: Rail to Round, Rail to Flat Bar and Rail to Angle Iron.

About BlueWater Mfg Company

BlueWater Mfg., Inc. is an industry leader for innovate products and solutions for work place safety. We specialize in solving fall protection issues using a passive fall protection guardrail system as opposed to active systems (i.e. lifelines, etc.). The Safety Rail 2000 Guard Rail System accomplishes just that. New roofs are costing building owners 6 to 7 figures and this non-penetrating guardrail system ensures workers are protected without penetrating the roof. There are no potential leak problems down the road when you maintain the roof's integrity. Whether you are looking for a solution for fall protection, barrier protection or handrails, our portable guardrail system can not be matched in versatility and speed of installation.

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