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Preferred Seating: Medallion Plus Home Theater Seating

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We at Preferred Seating can address your needs for theatre seats, auditorium seating, multipurpose seating and more. Select from the latest modern theatre chairs or choose from our beautifully refurbished used theatre seats. Our designers will help you to customize your seats to meet your exacting needs. Our full service approach includes the creation of auditorium seating layouts and as well complete installation anywhere in the U.S.

Theater Seating & Auditorium Seats

We offer numerous lines of fine quality commercial theatre chairs specifically selected for durability, low maintenance needs, and up-to-date styling. We offer 'Made In The U.S.A' quality and our seats are ADA compliant.

For functionality, durability and style, consider our Liberty auditorium seats. Select from either 14 gauge steel or cast iron standards. The steel standards are now robotically mug welded for the ultimate in consistent, strong welds. The seat lifts ride on steel shafts that ride on maintenance-free bearings. Go with upholstered seats if desired, and review our wide selection of spill and stain-resistant fabrics. Use these auditorium chairs in cinemas and theatres as well.

Removable Seating

We've seen a significant trend toward the use of removable seating that can adapt to changing performances and maximize ticket sales. Such multipurpose seating can maximize the use of space in civic centers, churches, and public buildings.

Auditorium Chairs. Used Theater Seats

Budgetary considerations or artistic needs may motivate one to look at used theatre seats. We've encountered increasing supplies of such chairs in this era of changeovers to theatre seating in cinemas and restorations of historic venues. In many instances such theatre chairs are still in superb condition. Savings of up to 40% are often possible. In other cases, our craftsmen can strip and refinish wood and metal. Wood surfaces can be elegantly re-done with just the finish that you prefer. Metal can be powder-coated for long-term durability. Upholstery can be repaired or completely replaced.

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Consider the fresh, clean look that replacement theater seating will bring to your facility. Are you tired of having your venue cleaned for hours, only to have it still marred by stained and/or damaged seating? Theater seating for sale, used and new from Preferred Seating can transform your facility, perhaps leading to increased attendance and revenue.

Our clients are engaged in many kinds of projects. We work hand-in-hand with those constructing modern performing arts centers. We advise investors restoring old opera houses and renovating retro theaters. We work with growing congregations to renew older pews or convert to auditorium chairs. Used theater seats can be a creative' low-cost option. Trust is our expertise to bring both value and quality to your theater chairs used or new.

Here at Preferred Seating, we can help make your theater seating the most comfortable seats in town. We offer both new, renovated and used theater seating for any size facility. Our seats are high quality and come with so many options. Choose economical theater seating such as our Concert or Classic lines, or choose our Symphony line for a performing arts look. No matter the style, you can be assured of utmost attention to detail. has the best quality theater seating at great prices. There is a wide variety of seating options available for seating. A top current choice of theater seating is something known as removable multi-purpose seating. Other options include refurbished or used theater seating. To renovate used theater seating, wood is stripped and re-finished. Metal is also stripped and powder coated for extreme durability. Complete re-upholstery is available after you select from our extensive selection of colors and fabrics.

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