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Product From Major Industries: LightBasic™ Translucent Wall Systems



LightBasic™ translucent curtainwall from Major Industries is the perfect balance of economy and performance, delivering outstanding sun control at an economical price.

What makes LightBasic™ curtainwall different from other translucent panel systems? LightBasic™ offers a simplified framing system, acrylic-based AcrylitGC face sheet and limited warranties. It's a unique blend of performance and price that's aimed at budget-conscious buyers who demand an economical translucent daylighting system that will hold up under a variety of conditions.

Perfectly suited for office spaces, schools, libraries, manufacturing centers and other locations where glare-free light is instrumental to occupant performance and comfort, LightBasic™ translucent panel wall systems are a good fit for both new and retrofit construction, and can be custom-designed to fit your specific needs and requirements.


LightBasic™ is a value-engineered curtainwall system that emphasizes economy. It lacks the built-in water management systems and industry-best warranties featured in Guardian 275® systems, but what you get instead is a simplified framing system and budget-oriented feature set that make LightBasic™ a durable and cost-effective option for tight budgets.

LightBasic™ comes standard with an economical AcrylitGC® face sheet. Created by Glasteel, the second largest manufacturer of FRP products in North America, AcrylitGC® features 100% pure acrylic resin, fiberglass reinforcement, and Gel Coat protection on both sides to help resist weathering and fiberbloom as well as to provide uniform diffusion of natural light.

While LightBasic™ systems meet all the same health and safety standards as our Guardian 275® systems, they feature fewer options. LightBasic™ systems feature White and Crystal sheet color options and fewer insulation choices when compared to Guardian 275® systems. This allows us to keep costs down and provide you with a streamlined, reliable curtainwall system that doesn't stretch the bottom line.


  • Custom designed and COST-EFFECTIVE for new and retrofit applications
  • Available in CURTAINWALL configurations only
  • AcrylitGC® 100% acrylic face sheet for ECONOMY AND DURABILITY
  • Systems available in 2 3/4" thick panels, with panel sizes up to 5' x 20'
  • Classic grid layouts include In-line Shoji, Staggered Shoji and Tuckerman patterns in sizes from 6"x 6" up to 12" x 24"
  • Two available ENERGY-SAVING translucent insulation options can be added to LightBasic™ systems for enhanced thermal performance
  • Available in two standard sheet colors – White and Crystal
  • 5 YEAR COLOR CHANGE and 10 YEAR FIBERBLOOM warranties standard

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