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Project Spotlight: Simcoe Elementary School – Wapato, WA

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As part of Wapato School District’s mission to reduce class size and student-to-teacher ratios, they kicked off the 2018-2019 school year with the opening of a brand new, 63,736 square-foot elementary school in Wapato, WA. Funded entirely by a nearly $14 million grant from the state’s K-3 Class Size Reduction Construction Grant Program, the new Simcoe Elementary School focuses on creating a more open learning environment for kindergarten through second grade. The school provides the district with an additional 21 classrooms, as well as a music room, media center, computer lab, and gymnasium where the students will now have plenty of space to play and learn. “With smaller size classrooms, this way we will be able to provide quality service, education for the students,” said Principal Maria Bataro.

Not only do the students at Simcoe Elementary have more room to run in their new gymnasium, the gym’s translucent wall systems also provide them with more sunlight. While standard glass systems can cause a gym to become overheated – making the space uncomfortable for the children running around inside – translucent systems diffuse incoming daylight to provide a soft, even light without solar heat gain. Translucent systems also prevent glare and direct light from interfering with a student’s vision while they are playing.

A translucent canopy at the building’s entrance further contributes to Simcoe Elementary’s student-centered construction by providing both students and staff with comfortable coverage as they enter and exit the school. This single slope canopy offers shelter for students from rain, snow, and even the sun’s heat as they are waiting for their bus or their parent’s vehicle to arrive, making it easier for parents to drop off and pick up their young children without the added worry of wet homework or an overheated child.

To learn more about how translucent wall systems, skylights, and/or canopies can enhance the quality of your next school project, contact our Sales Team at 888-759-2678 or [email protected].

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