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Reliance Foundry And Maritime Hotel Help Build Community In New York City


In 2011, New York City announced that in the summer of 2012 they will implement a bike share program that will see 10,000 bike share bicycles available all over the city at 600 stations, creating the biggest bike share program in the nation. The bike share program is but one of the many ways that Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Transportation is encouraging New Yorkers to switch from cars to bicycles.

Many businesses, like The Maritime Hotel, have been seeking to do this for years. In 2006, The Maritime began offering complimentary bicycles as an amenity to guests of their hotel. They saw this perk as a way to be considerate of their high numbers of European clientele (bicycling is more common in European countries as a way of transportation), as a way to enable guests to take advantage of the hotel’s close proximity to some great bicycle paths, and as a way to take action to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Now, The Maritime and Reliance Foundry have made another step towards making New York City a better place for bicyclists and visitors. The installation of the R-8224-SS bike parking stands outside of the hotel not only encourages bicycling, they are becoming a place of community. Callen Polmer, Director of Sales and Public Relations for The Maritime, said that the bike stands provided by Reliance Foundry are quickly becoming a place where visitors to New York City find connection.

Polmer said, “The bike stands are a great place for our guests to intermingle and become part of the neighborhood by integrating them into the thriving NYC bike culture.” When a hotel can make its guests feel like they are more than just visitors to a city, they provide an experience that guests will want to return to. The Maritime has three different dining experiences available in their hotel, and offering the bicycle parking enables guests to come and dine without having to worry about locating parking on the narrow streets of New York, or in the expensive parking garage across the street.

NYC has also repurposed hundreds of parking meters to bike racks in their Meters-To-Bike Racks project. This is exciting news for cyclists, as meters on their own are not a secure bike stand option. By leaving the poles of the meters in place with some new hardware additions, options for secure bike parking have grown exponentially in the city of New York.

Reliance Foundry is pleased to be a part of this, as well as other New York City initiatives to provide bike stands for a healthier, more community-driven city.

Note: In NYC, businesses can request the city to install bicycle parking in front of or near their locations. Visit CityRacks program in NYC for information.

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