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New Video Collection from Reliance Foundry Makes Bollard Installation Easier for Architects, Designers and Contractors


New web-based video tools will provide contractors a smoother installation of bollards. Bollards have much to offer a property in terms of security, perimeter definition and safety. Architects and designers make bollard selections based on how much security is needed, whether bollards need to be removable or retractable, and to match the design on the facility.

This new tool will also help architects and designers in the early phases of a project. Visualizing the installation process brings the final product to life in a way that flat drawing cannot.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. of Surrey, B.C. now offers informational videos on their bollard product lines to assist in bollard installation. The sample video shown in this release is just one of many new videos available to help users determine how bollards fit into their projects.

Reliance Foundry’s YouTube video collection provides visual examples for architects and designers of how bollards work. The collection also assists contractors by showing how to install bollards in various surfaces. Detailed, three-dimensional views of bollard installation and real-life examples of features enables customers to gain a much clearer understanding of how to incorporate bollards for maximum usability.

Reliance Foundry offers a large variety of fixed, removable and retractable bollards and bollard accessories. Installing Reliance Foundry bollards provides many benefits for architects and designers in terms of providing perimeter definition, traffic control, protection, bicycle parking and decorative highlighting.

Having these visual aids will enable designers to better identify how bollards can enhance the outdoor areas of a property. Bollard installation videos will assist contractors in correct installation techniques.

See Reliance Foundry's Bollard installation videos on YouTube

Reliance Foundry’s stock style selections and color options enable designers the ability to match bollards with the overall design of the building, providing visual cohesiveness alongside functionality. Additionally, anticipating future traffic, safety and landscaping needs and then installing the right type of bollard for different areas can help property owners save time and money in the future.

Reliance Foundry’s installation instructions and video collection shows their commitment to maximizing their customers’ investment. With over 80 years of foundry experience behind them, Reliance Foundry offers expertise to their customers that is based on solid experience. Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. is based in Surrey, B.C., Canada and serves clients across North America.

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