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Bollards > Retractable

Telescoping or pop-up bollards slide into in-ground receivers

Bollards can be used to help control access to multi-use spaces. Driveways, streets, parking spots, and plazas may only allow vehicle access at certain times or to certain people. Retractable bollards offer a simple, attractive solution. They neatly telescope down into in-ground receivers when unlocked, sitting flush with the ground, so they are neither a tripping hazard nor an obstruction. When extended, they offer a sleek, clean perimeter edge that guides and manages traffic. 

Quick Access Control

Manually retractable bollards easily telescope up and down. A single-key locking mechanism allows the operator to lock them upright or release them back into the receiver for short- or long-term access. When deployed in their raised position, the bollards provide a clear visual barrier to vehicles.

At sites where access changes frequently, these bollards make the change a simple matter of walking past them: no carting or storing necessary, as might be done with removable bollards. This quick access control makes them very useful for places where access changes multiple times per day or week.

High-quality 316 Stainless Steel

316 grade stainless steel is alloyed with molybdenum, which provides increased corrosion resistance in harsh outdoor conditions. It maintains integrity much longer than other grades of stainless steel when in high-saline environments, like coastal cities or cities that use de-icing chemicals. The bollards can also be powder coated for additional protection, to increase visibility, or to complement or match the environment. Optional reflective strips can help make these bollards visible to drivers in low-light conditions. View 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Other Mounting Options

The R-84xx bollards are also available with fixed or removable mounting options. If you like the look but don’t need the telescoping mount, please talk to our sales staff about your preferences. Contact Us

Installation And Maintenance

Retractable bollard receivers must be dug into the substrate, since the bollard body slides completely into the ground receiver. To keep bollards functioning over a long time, planning and proper installation are important.


Outdoor sites accumulate dust and debris over time. To ensure long-term operability it is important to schedule maintenance of manual retractable bollards into the yearly site schedule. Bollards should periodically be removed and have moving parts lubricated. The receivers should be vacuumed of debris. For detailed technical information, see the Retractable Bollard Technical Guide.


Proper drainage is a very important requirement for the long life of raising bollards, and consultation with an engineer can provide specifics to a location. If the bollard receivers fill with standing water, it increases wear on both the bollard and the installation. Even stainless steel will begin the process of corrosion during an extended soaking, compromising the finish of the bollard, impacting the smooth operation as well as the aesthetics. The freezing expansion of standing water, in sub-zero temperatures, could severely impact the operation of the bollard, through breakage or sticking. For detailed installation instructions, see Installation Instructions: R-847x Retractable Bollards. View Installation

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Brochures for Bollards > Retractable

Brochures for Bollards > Retractable
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Bollards Brochure
Bollards provide visual and physical barriers for safer, more controlled environments—without detracting from the building and landscape aesthetics. Reliance Foundry offers many types of bollards for a range of decorative and functional applications.
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3-Part CSI specifications for Bollards > Retractable

3-Part CSI specifications for Bollards > Retractable
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Bollards Specifications
Construction Specifications for Bollards and Bollard Covers (CSI/CSC Format)
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CAD details for Bollards > Retractable

CAD details for Bollards > Retractable
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Bollards CAD Downloads
Product Drawings, Autocad Drawings, CSI Construction Specifications, Google SketchUp

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