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Commercial Planters

Commercial grade large planters are the specialty of TerraCast®

Bob Grossman, our founder, used to enjoy scouting out new spots for placement of TerraCast® products. Wherever you go, you’ll see planters.

Nearly every commercial building you visit today has some sort of accent pottery by the entrance along the surrounding landscape and in the lobby. Sometimes a pair of planters stand guard on either side of the entrance. Sometimes the lobby has huge planters sporting the logo or insignia of the company. Sometimes there’s a smoking area or courtyard, dotted with large planters growing large plants or small trees.

Modern Resin planters are the optimal choice for indoor or outdoor applications and TerraCast® is the optimal provider of high-quality resin products.



Residential Planters

Homeowners are finding a special need for resin made planters

Resin is the number one material for outdoor applications. TerraCast® is the number one vendor of rotationally molded planter pots in the country. Our products are displayed all across the nation from Juneau, Alaska and downtown Los Angeles, to New York City’s Time Square! Who says only the big cities can have the best? No one. TerraCast® has an entire suite of products for residential customers and we can accommodate any client, big or small. View our modern planter styles.



Modern Planters

Terracast Products offers a ton of modern product styles and colors

TerraCast® is all about crafting planters for the future. Not only do we offer planters that embody a popular modern style but also they are eco-friendly, indestructible and customizable.

We recognize the demand for more modern looking planters. As a result, we continue to add eye-catching modern designs to our collections. Offering a wide selection of modern planters helps architects and designers create spaces worth daydreaming about. The overall style of a space is what people notice first, hence how a particular style can result in referrals and growing demand for a designer or architect’s services. Uniquely modern style isn’t the only reason our planters rank far and above the competition.

Modern Resin planters are the optimal choice for indoor or outdoor applications and TerraCast® is the optimal provider of high-quality resin products.



Rooftop Planters

TerraCast resin planters will drastically cut installation costs for rooftop planters compared to stone and terracotta

TerraCast® is the leading manufacturer in the world for innovative, rotationally molded resin products. Our Planters are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to install and own.

They are ideal for commercial, residential and even rooftop applications! Soar to new heights with our beautiful, durable, lightweight resin Planters. View our modern and contemporary style planters for your rooftop project.

Rooftops are designed, engineered and built with a set weight limit and load capacity, so every pound counts. TerraCast® can help you design a beautiful roofscape for your building at a fraction of the weight of stone, concrete or clay.



Self-Watering Planters

Just about any TerraCast planter can be garnished with a self-watering kit

  • Self-Watering Planter Attachment
    One of the primary general concerns for planters is the maintenance and care of the flora planted in them, especially for commercial customers like municipalities, shopping centers, parks, or plazas.
  • Innovation
    The most obvious solution is to find a way to make the planters self-watering. In recent years, the demand for self-watering planters has skyrocketed, so TerraCast® has created a self-watering system for our planter pots.
  • Installation Instructions
    Our self watering attachment can be added to our planters quickly and easily. We have detailed installation instructions available for download.


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Safe and Beautiful Bike Lanes with TerraCast Products Safe and Beautiful Bike Lanes with TerraCast Products
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Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications

Brochures for Planters

Brochures for Planters
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Planters Catalog
Planters Catalog
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Base Capabilities Catalog
Base Capabilities Catalog
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Site Furnishings Catalog
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Planter Color Chart
Standard Planter Color Chart
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3-Part CSI specifications for Planters

3-Part CSI specifications for Planters
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A compilation of references that provides data regarding the application of resin

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