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Why You Should Choose Shanko for your Metal Ceiling Tiles


Choosing Metal Ceiling Tiles for Your Home or Business

Creating visual interest and evocative statements are the keys to quality interior design. Choosing the right materials, features and accents can make or break a space, which is why metal treatments bring such a bold and beautiful opportunity to your interior style.

Why You Should Choose Shanko for your Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal accents and surfaces can dramatically impact the aesthetics of a room, as metallic finishes often deliver an unexpected element that creates play and beauty within the space. The glinting glamour of metal allows for possibilities for the reflection of both natural and man-made lighting to create softly nuanced living environments or vivid and daring commercial atmospheres.

Metal ceiling tiles are a seamless and effective way to introduce metal into your interiors, and metal drop ceilings and wall panels are popular for their aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.

What is a Shanko Ceiling and How Can You Achieve It?

Shanko tin ceiling tiles were originally used for ceiling tile supplier Armstrong's residential Metallaire and commercial Metalworks ranges for 15 years, with an established background of producing beautiful quality tin ceiling tiles. Today, at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we are proud to have partnered with Shanko to deliver a stunning range of metal ceiling tiles to achieve metal ceilings comprising square or rectangular ceiling panel groupings.

Historically, these panels were once stamped from steel but today are plated in tin to decrease rusting, which led to them now being called tin ceilings. However, they are often made from aluminum and can be coated to look like copper or other metals, depending on your architectural style.

The gleaming reflective surfaces of metallic panels can transform an otherwise plain room into a luxuriously sophisticated space. Tin ceiling tiles are a highly versatile choice for interior decoration as they can be installed in contemporary, industrial, vintage or rustic interiors, depending on the type of finish you're after.

Bring the Drama with Shanko Metal Ceiling Tiles and Walls

Choosing Shanko tin ceiling tiles for your metal ceiling is a wise choice due to the comprehensive variety of stamped patterns, styles, and finishes. Shanko ceiling tiles are a high-quality form of metal panels for ceilings, interior design accents and wall applications, including wainscoting.

Whether you're after a surface-mounted ceiling or as a wall accent, Shanko metal panels from Decorative Ceiling Tiles are coated to protect them from rust, mold and mildew and are built to withstand sagging, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens, commercial dining and other interior designs.

How to Use Metallic Finishes Within Your Interiors

Try experimenting with non-traditional interior designs to achieve striking looks you can fall in love with over and over again. With the right guidance from expert ceiling tile suppliers, interior designers or architects, you can transform your interiors into exquisite residential living spaces or drawcard commercial properties that you can enjoy for many years.

One way to breathe new life into your interior spaces is to mix metal finishes. While keeping with one tone of metal ceiling tiles may be a more traditional treatment, in modern interior design, there is so much outside-the-box exploration to incorporate cohesive jumbles of textures, finishes and tones. Moving away from consistency, a mix of Shanko metal ceilings and walls can add depth and visual appeal to interior spaces. Consider choosing a dominant metal and pairing this with accents or highlights in another metal finish. The magic is made by incorporating balance within your selection of furniture, soft furnishings, artworks and decor.

Using Shanko Metal Ceilings for Commercial Purposes

Whether you're after a graphic and definitive look for your interiors or a softer, more muted effect, Shanko tin ceiling tiles are ideal for metal suspended ceilings. Drop ceilings are a perfect treatment to conceal unsightly plumbing, ductwork, wires, safety equipment and uneven structural building elements while allowing easy access to the void where these systems are housed.

Suspended metal tile ceilings can be used for acoustic, insulation, and aesthetic treatments in open-plan offices, event spaces, restaurants and cafeterias, gyms, airports, schools and other public facilities whereby sound levels can escalate.

The structure of Shanko ceiling tiles has been strengthened to withstand cracking, so they are more rigid than typical ceiling materials. Requiring minimum maintenance, they are resistant to humidity and fire, making them robust, rugged, durable and they are easy to install.

Applying Shanko Tin Ceiling Tiles for Residential Purposes

Metal ceiling tiles are a sustainable choice for domestic interiors due to their highly durable nature. Requiring much less maintenance than plaster ceilings, they don't need to be painted or replaced as often, leaving less of an environmental footprint.

Add value to your home with the stunning design elements of Shanko ceiling and wall tiles. Yet, moderation is key. To balance your interiors with metal panels, ensure you don't ‘shrink' the space or give it an overly industrialised feel. Choose metal accents, highlights, features, wainscoting and hidden ceilings as a way to introduce the glamor and elegance of metallic finishes without overpowering the space.

Whether you prefer contemporary, Art Deco, minimalist or classic interior design, walls with metallic finishes provide the opportunity for a stunning backdrop to your decor. For a harmonious aesthetic, remember to balance the metallic features with neutral furnishings and complementary artwork.

Wrapping Up Your Interior Style with Shanko Metal Ceiling Tiles and Wall Accents

Incorporating metal ceiling tiles, walls, and feature accents can transform your spaces from bland to brilliant in colours that include gold, silver, chrome, copper, brass, white and lacquered steel. Choose from gloss to matt finishes, along with an array of plain and stamped prints, patterns and designs. Whether you're renovating on a grand scale for a large commercial space or looking to highlight your home with striking finishes that ignite inspiration, metal ceiling tiles and panels hold the key to an entirely new look.

If you're building or renovating and are looking for Shanko tin ceilings, walls or backsplashes to add the stunning finishing touches to your space, Shanko metal ceilings and wall tiles from Decorative Ceiling Tiles provide a kaleidoscope of design choices to create memorable, unique spaces. Our experienced team can help you with custom orders to match your needs perfectly. Add elegant glamor to your overall design style by complementing your home or business with beautiful metal ceiling and wall treatments.

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