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About Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.

2036 NW 55th Ave
City, state:
Margate, FL
Postal code:
33063 show map
United States
1 800 297 0380

Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. specializes in unique ceiling décor. Mainly ceiling tiles made from various materials. Tin Plated Steel, Aluminum (comes in 75 different colors), Solid Copper, Faux Tin (PVC), Styrofoam, Faux Leather... Our products can decorate drop ceilings, drywall ceilings, plaster ceilings, pop corned ceilings and also used on walls etc. Need to a custom job done, replica? We can do that too. Are you not in the US? We can ship worldwide all of our products. Our customers are very important to us and we work hard and long to accommodate all their needs in timely manner. Accredited by Better Business Bureau with A-rating due to our company age.

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Company Information from Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.

Company Information from Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.
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Continuing Education
Ceilings That Perform (1.0 hour)
How decorative ceilings tiles can do so much more than look beautiful. To receive one hour of continuing education credit (0.1 CEU) as approved by IDCEC, read the article, then log in to take the corresponding exam. To earn 1 learning unit (LU) as approved by AIA, read the article, then log in to take the corresponding exam.
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How to install and Cut Real Copper Ceiling Tiles and Cornice
Step by step cutting and installation of real copper ceiling tiles and cornice by nailing them up to furring strips of a historic home in Connecticut.
How To Install LuxCore FRP Fusion Wall Panels by Decorative Ceiling Tiles
LuxCore FRP Panels are the newest part of the Fusion line. The translucent panels pass sanitary codes and are easy to clean. Therefore it is suitable for wet environments.
How to Install MirroFlex Wall Panel and Painting by Decorative Ceiling Tiles
MirroFlex Wall Panels are deeply textured, decorative surfacing solutions that offer design flexibility and is available in multiple sizes suitable for walls, wainscoting, and backsplashes.
Faux Wood Beams - What You Need To Know Before You Buy
In this video you’ll learn everything you need to before buying Faux Wood Beams.
Door Skins: How To Resurface A Damaged Door
Millions of dollars are spent each year redesigning entryways and replacing old, worn-out doors. What if you could avoid the costs of new doors and skip the hassle of a time-consuming installation?

Products from Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.

Products from Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
White Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Beautiful Embossed 3D designs
Feather Light
Easy install
Add Insulation
Sound Dampening
Cover popcorn ceiling
Step by Step Install Info
Brochures     URL
Suspended / Drop Ceiling Tiles 200+ Designs
75+ Colors for Real Metal Tiles Available
Drop Ceiling Hardware
Real Metal
Faux Metal
Easy Drop in Install
Class "A" Fire Rating
Installation video
Brochures     URL
Tin Ceiling Tiles
Nail Up or Drop in Tin Ceiling Tiles
75+ Finishes Available
Come in 3 different metals
Cornices, Fillers, Nails & Grid Covers available
Real Tin Plated Steel Available
2 foot x 2 foot
Starts @ $7.75 per...
Brochures     URL
Tin Backsplash Tiles (Sheets) Real Metal Backsplashes
Over 70 finish options including Tin, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Artisan, Antique, 70+ colors
Made from Aluminum or Copper
Will never rust
Easy installation
Easy to clean
Brochures     URL
Faux Leather Tiles 3D Faux Leather Tiles are great for walls or ceilings in residential or commercial buildings. They perfectly resemble real leather and are absolutely stunning. Their soundproofing qualities make them a perfect application for Restaurants, Hotels,...       URL
Faux Tin Ceiling Panels 2x4 They are 2ft x 4ft, 3 dimensional decorative panels made out of lightweight Styrene and I am proud to say they are made in USA. They are Class “A” fire rated and can be used on ceilings, walls or as a kitchen backsplash. Popcorn ceilings...       URL
Shanko Wall and Ceiling Tiles If you're looking for a high-quality real metal ceiling tile, you're sure to find what you need in our new line of Shanko decorative ceiling tiles from Shanker Industries. Shanker is the oldest and largest manufacturer of decorative metal...       URL
ATI Wall and Ceiling Tiles Bring architectural detail and creative history and into your project with time tested quality of ATI ceiling tiles, wall panels and backsplashes. Proudly made in USA. Shop our selection now:       URL
Micro Perforated Acoustical Aluminum Ceiling Tile with Soundtex Our high quality microperforated ceiling tile is made of 100% Aluminum. High quaity powder coated finish is warrantied for 5-10 years and it is meant to last for years after that. SoundTex® backing absorption ability is accomplished through the high... Brochures     URL
Copper Ceiling Tiles Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles & Aged Solid Copper are often immitated but there is nothing like the real thing. The solid copper is not treated. It comes like a shiny new penny and then will naturally age over time. Once it reaches the color they like,... Brochures     URL
Decorative laminates NuMetal™ is a collection of HPL’s (High Pressure Laminates) with a thin metal surface and phenolic paper backing. These HPL’s can be used for interior applications such as wallcoverings, wall panels and ceilings. NuMetal sheets...       URL
DIY Crown Molding These Crown Moldings have taken the challenge out the job of cutting and installing one. It is no longer a difficult job. You can sit this molding flat on the saw and cut on 45 degree angle as you would if you were cutting baseboards! And it gets...       URL

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(05700) Ornamental Metal
(07410) Metal Roof and Wall Panel
(07420) Plastic Roof and Wall Panel
(07430) Composite Panel
(07440) Faced Panel
(07450) Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Panel
(07480) Exterior Wall Assemblies
(07620) Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim
(09370) Metal Tile
(09500) Ceiling
(09510) Acoustical Ceiling
(09545) Speciality Ceiling
(09547) Metal Ceilings
(09550) Mirror Panel Ceiling
(09560) Textured Ceiling
(09580) Suspended Decorative Grid
(09590) Ceiling Assembly Restoration
(09710) Acoustical Wall Finishes
(09800) Acoustical Treatment
(09830) Acoustical Barrier
(09940) Decorative Finishes
(12110) Murals
(12120) Wall Decoration
(05 70 00) Decorative Metal
(07 41 13) Metal Roof Panels
(07 41 33) Plastic Roof Panels
(07 41 43) Composite Roof Panels
(07 41 63) Fabricated Roof Panel Assemblies
(07 42 00) Wall Panels
(07 42 13) Metal Wall Panels
(07 42 13.13) Formed Metal Wall Panels
(07 42 13.16) Metal Plate Wall Panels
(07 42 13.23) Metal Composite Material Wall Panels
(07 42 33) Plastic Wall Panels
(07 42 43) Composite Wall Panels
(07 42 63) Fabricated Wall Panel Assemblies
(07 44 00) Faced Panels
(07 44 13) Aggregate Coated Panels
  (07 44 16) Porcelain Enameled Faced Panels
(07 44 19) Tile-Faced Panels
(07 44 33) Metal Faced Panels
(07 44 53) Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Panels
(07 44 56) Mineral-Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Panels
(07 44 63) Fabricated Faced Panel Assemblies
(07 46 63) Fabricated Panel Assemblies with Siding
(07 62 00) Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim
(09 01 50) Maintenance of Ceilings
(09 01 50.91) Ceiling Restoration
(09 06 50) Schedules for Ceilings
(09 30 29) Metal Tiling
(09 50 00) Ceilings
(09 51 00) Acoustical Ceilings
(09 51 13) Acoustical Panel Ceilings
(09 51 23) Acoustical Tile Ceilings
(09 51 33) Acoustical Metal Pan Ceilings
(09 51 33.13) Acoustical Snap-in Metal Pan Ceilings
(09 54 00) Specialty Ceilings
(09 54 16) Luminous Ceilings
(09 54 19) Mirror Panel Ceilings
(09 54 23) Linear Metal Ceilings
(09 54 33) Decorative Panel Ceilings
(09 54 36) Suspended Decorative Grids
(09 56 00) Textured Ceilings
(09 56 13) Gypsum-Panel Textured Ceilings
(09 56 16) Metal-Panel Textured Ceilings
(09 57 00) Special Function Ceilings
(09 58 00) Integrated Ceiling Assemblies
(09 80 00) Acoustic Treatment
(09 83 00) Acoustic Finishes
(09 83 13) Acoustic Wall Coating
(09 94 00) Decorative Finishing
(09 94 16) Faux Finishing
(12 11 13) Photo Murals
(12 12 00) Wall Decorations
(12 12 13) Commissioned Paintings

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