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About TerraCast Products LLC

TerraCast Products LLC

4400 NW 19th Avenue, Unit K
City, state:
Pompano Beach, FL
Postal code:
33064 show map
United States

Terracast® Products offers two product lines to the architectural and design community.

The Terracast® Planters division offers 17 styles of architectural grade planters in various sizes and colors. The planters are featured in installations at hotels, resorts, casinos, airports, education facilities, military bases, cruise ships, municipal parks, parks and attractions, and other installations.

The lighting division offers 3 styles of antique style, decorative lamp posts to the architectural, municipal, and landscape industries. Installations can be found across the country in various municipalities.

Both divisions offer products that contribute to the Sustainable Sites Initiative and the US Green Building Council's LEED program.

TerraCast is molded from a polymer resin and is guaranteed to never crack, chip, fracture or break. TerraCast eliminates the costly breakage problems of clay and terracotta planters that occur during shipment to job site and installations. TerraCast can be used both indoors or outdoors. The planters and vases have excellent freeze/thaw characteristics and are unaffected by extreme temperature changes. TerracCast will not discolor and is not porous. Water and minerals cannot leak through the walls to stain or discolor exterior surface.
TerraCast can be used without saucers on carpets, tile or wooden floors without the worry of staining. TerraCast weights 80% less than clay or terracotta planters. TerraCast is lightweight enough to be used in installations such as balconies and rooftops.

TerraCast costs 60% less to ship than clay planters. TerraCast planters are nestable and receive a lower freight rate. TerraCast planters and vases can be bolted to the ground to deter theft and vandalism. TerraCast is manufactured in the U.S.A- delivery time is cut to days, not months. Fast delivery reduces the need for inventory and enables you to complete projects faster and at a lower cost.

TerraCast offers a Ten Year Limited Factory Warranty. Should any TerraCast product chip, fracture or break due to defective workmanship or materials during the first ten years from date of purchase, we will replace it free of charge. Shipping and handling charges must be paid by purchaser. TerraCast is available in custom colors. Call factory for pricing and delivery information.

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Company Information from TerraCast Products LLC

Company Information from TerraCast Products LLC
Preview Description Format Size Open
TerrraCast Catalog
TerraCast planter products catalog. Innovation with Resin based commercial outdoor products. Modern designed colors & styles. Versatile products providing customized installations.
PDF 1.5 MB Open
Classic Lamp Posts Catalog
Classic Lamp Posts offers unique reproductions of early American decorative light posts and luminaires. Our signature styles, the Washington and New England, will create an eloquent atmosphere to any entrance, courtyard or walkway. For the past 40 years Classic Lamp Posts has been a key ingredient in making projects an elegant success.
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TerraCast Site Furnishings
TerraCast Site Furnishings brochure
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Color Chart
TerraCast Color Chart
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Products from TerraCast Products LLC

Products from TerraCast Products LLC
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Classic Lamps Posts Classic Lamps Posts decorative poles are a unique composition of a reinforced center pole inserted into a durable high density polyethylene decorative outer shell that is solidified together with a hardening foam. This patented process is called... Brochures   CAD details URL
Planters Terracast® planters are a good option in replacing terracotta clay planters that have cracked or weathered. Found in installations across the country, Terracast® planters can complete any commercial and residential project with the confidence that... Brochures   CAD details URL
Bollards Our TerraCast polysteel bollard is a reproduction of the old 1900’s wharf posts historically found in many U.S. seaports. Our lighted bollard makes a handsome driveway or commercial entrance marker. Also use the bollard for elegant pathway,... Brochures   CAD details URL
Mail Boxes Our traditional style TerraCast mailbox can be a unique ornamental addition to your project. The bottom door height from the ground is 40”. The box has a 15” tall door clearance by 22” length and mounts on our fluted bollard. The... Brochures   CAD details URL
Hillcrest Series Bench with Arms Rest (Bus Stop bench) Backless Bus Stop Bench with Arm Rest. This long backless bench is made from steel slats and feature arm rests in the center and ends of the unit. Color options available. Comes fully assembled.       URL
Highland Series Backed Benches Highland Series Backed Benches with Horizontal Slats. This bench is made from heavy duty steel slats. Part of the Highland collection, it comes fully assembled on skids. Optional center armrest available.       URL
Highland Series Swing Benches Highland Series Swing Bench. This heavy duty steel bench swing is available in two sizes: 4 feet or 6 feet. Comes fully assembled. Colors available are black, bronze, green, silver grey and blue. Custom colors available.       URL
Park Circle Bench This bench features a hoop design at the ends and is made from vertical steel slats. Several bench sizes available with an optional centered arm rest for certain sizes. Comes fully assembled.       URL
Hillcrest Series 36 Gal. Receptacle Hillcrest Series 36-gallon steel trash can features a slat design and several top options. Anchor kit and heavy duty molded liner included. Available colors are black, blue, bronze, and green. Custom colors available.       URL
Hillcrest Series 36-Gal. Ash and Trash Receptacle This 36-gallon steel ash and trash container features a slat design with multiple options for the flat top lid. Anchor kit and heavy duty molded liner included. Available colors are black, blue, bronze, and green. Custom colors available.       URL
Hillcrest Series 36-Gal. Trash Receptacle with Rain Guard 36-gallon steel trash receptacle features a rain guard to eliminate rain collection on the unit. Anchor kit and heavy duty molded liner included. Factory direct, Made in USA!       URL
Hillcrest Series 36-Gal. Trash Receptacle with Dome Top This 36-gallon steel trash can features a heavy plastic dome Top with door. Anchor kit and heavy duty molded liner included. Available colors are black, blue, bronze, and green. Custom colors available.       URL
Hillcrest Series Backed benched This bench is made from vertical steel slats with a powder coated finish. Part of the Hillcrest Series collection, it comes fully assembled on skids. Color options available.       URL

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(01550) Vehicular Access and Parking
(02580) Electrical & Communication Structure
(02800) Site Improvements and Amenities
(02840) Walk, Road and Parking Appurtenance
(02870) Site Furnishing
(02891) Traffic Signs & Signals
(02900) Planting
(02945) Planting Accessories
(10550) Postal Specialties
(12100) Art
(12460) Furnishing Accessories
(12800) Interior Plants and Planter
(12830) Interior Planter
(12840) Interior Landscape Accessories
(16520) Exterior Luminaires
(16550) Special-Purpose Lighting
(01 55 26) Traffic Control
(09 06 90.13) Paint Schedule
(10 55 23) Mail Boxes
(12 46 13) Ash Receptacles
(12 46 29) Vases
(12 46 33) Waste Receptacles
  (12 67 23) Benches
(12 92 00) Interior Planters and Artificial Plants
(12 92 33) Interior Planters
(12 92 43) Interior Landscaping Accessories
(12 93 00) Site Furnishings
(12 93 13) Bicycle Racks
(12 93 23) Trash and Litter Receptors
(12 93 33) Manufactured Planters
(12 93 43) Site Seating and Tables
(12 93 43.13) Site Seating
(26 55 00) Special Purpose Lighting
(26 56 00) Exterior Lighting
(26 56 13) Lighting Poles and Standards
(26 56 16) Parking Lighting
(26 56 23) Area Lighting
(26 56 26) Landscape Lighting
(26 56 33) Walkway Lighting
(32 30 00) Site Improvements
(32 90 00) Planting
(32 94 00) Planting Accessories
(32 94 33) Planters
(34 71 13) Vehicle Barriers

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