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Case Study: Mt Nebo Sanctuary Renovation


Decorative Ceiling Tiles successfully replicated ceiling tiles to restore this historic church from the late 1800's, where 5% of the original ceiling tiles had rotted out from water damage and they no longer manufacture that style. We needed replicas to patch in where they were damaged.

Case Study: Mt Nebo Sanctuary Renovation

Decorative Ceiling Tiles, inc received an email from CCS Building Group in late December of 2018 about a rusted out tin ceiling that needed to be replicated to preserve a historical tin ceiling from going to waste. A sample was sent to Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. to provide accurate pricing for creating custom tooling and replicating this historic tin ceiling design.

CCS Building Group accepted pricing in early January, 2019 and 5 weeks later replicated panels shipped out. The replicated newly created tiles were seamlessly installed and painted to match the rest of the panels. We are proud to be part of this project mainly because we have helped prevent 1500 square foot of ceilings going to be ripped out and preserved the historical value of this late 1800's church.

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