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Reliance Bollards Used in Calgary’s Central Memorial Park $11.5 Million Renovation


Calgary’s Central Memorial Park has been a meaningful gathering place for Calgarians for many years. It is not only Calgary’s oldest colonial park, it’s a place where those who have given their lives for the protection of freedom are remembered.

The park, established in 1889, was in desperate need of an overhaul. A recent $11.5 million revitalization project gave the park a new start and a fresh look to make it a place where once again people are proud to come.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce that their bollards were a part of this renovation. The designers and contractors selected Reliance Foundry’s signature model R-7539 architectural iron bollard as part of the reconstructing of the park pathways.

Reliance’s architectural iron bollards are made from a material called ductile iron. Ductile iron (also known as spheroidal graphite cast iron) is an alloy that is much stronger than standard cast iron. This robust metal is able to withstand the elements well and take a bit of physical abuse if necessary. It is a much better choice for an environment like a public city park than its more brittle cast iron counterparts.

The Central Memorial Park renovation used the model R-7539 bollard in a number of different ways. The Central Memorial Park renovation used a chain connection between bollards near the garage door of the Parks Foundation building on the property. This prevents pedestrians from walking in front of a vehicle that may be backing out of the garage.

Bollards are also commonly used to block a wide pathway from vehicle access either on a temporary or a permanent basis. Some of the bollards installed in Central Memorial Park cut across a wide path that encircles the back of the Memorial Library. The bollards were installed using Reliance Foundry’s optional removable bollard mounting kit, meaning they can be easily taken down when a maintenance or delivery vehicle needs access.

The City of Calgary added a customized swing gate to this model R-7539 bollard at one of the paths that needs vehicle access a bit more frequently. Most of Reliance Foundry's bollards can be easily adapted with various versatile installation options, including bike parking arms, but this gate feature was unique to the Central Memorial Park.

The color selected for the bollards was customized to a gun-metal grey (Slate Grey-RAL 7015). It is a good choice in keeping with the war memorial imagery and history of the park. Reliance Foundry’s bollards come in a wide variety of standard color options, but the park chose this color to better suit the aesthetics and history of the site.

The renovation of the park is hoped to bring a renewed sense of pride, and it seems to have done just that. When the park celebrated its reopening, special guests included Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and her husband, Pieter van Vollenhoven.

"This was a great project because of what it meant to the city,” said Brad Done, Vice President of Reliance Foundry. “The City of Calgary has done a beautiful job with bringing honor to the Veterans through the park renovation and we are pleased to have been a part of it.”

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