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StoneLite™ panels are composite wall panels made up of a thin natural stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing. The stone veneer can be almost any stone including granite, marble, limestone, slate and sandstone.

Combining the aerospace technology of aluminum honeycomb with the timeless beauty of natural granite, marble and limestone, StoneLite™ can be used for a wide variety of applications including those typically considered weight or cost-prohibitive. They have been used extensively in exterior, interior, renovation, elevator, and specialty applications.

StoneLite™ weighs only 3.3 lbs./sq. ft. (16 kg/sq. m) about the same as 1/4-inch (6 mm) thick glass, which is approximately 80% less weight than solid stone. This weight savings alone provides huge savings in installation labor, structural requirements, and installing time.

Tough, durable StoneLite™ panels offer fantastic impact resistance and flexural strength provided by our patented manufacturing process. They can resist up to 60 times more impact than solid 3 cm thick granite. These panels can be flexed making them ideal for seismic locations. Our aluminum honeycomb-reinforced panels keep the beauty of natural stone and eliminate its fragile, brittle properties.

StoneLite™ is impervious to water penetration, even with open structured stones such as travertine, Indiana limestone and French limestone. The fiber-reinforced epoxy skin, directly behind the stone, provides a waterproof barrier, thereby eliminating the need for a secondary layer of protection.

StoneLite™ has been subjected to, and has passed numerous severe structural tests following accelerated aging and large-scale fire tests. Minimal strength loss was experienced following freeze-thaw cycling while immersed in a 4 pH sulfuric acid solution. Resisting large missile impact and 1,342 repetitions of simulated dynamic hurricane loading are testimonials to the strength of this lightweight natural stone panel. See our testing section for more details.


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StoneLite for Interior Applications StoneLite for Interior Applications
StoneLite interior stone panels showcase the natural beauty of stone but eliminate its fragile, brittle, and variable properties. StoneLite interior stone panels are ideal for overhead applications. Weighing only 3.3 lbs. per sq. ft. StoneLite panels a...
Jun 24, 2023 URL
Stone Panels at Wells Fargo Tower Stone Panels at Wells Fargo Tower
StoneLite Rainbow Sandstone adorn the Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) Tower exterior column covers, soffits, entrance, and lintels. Atlantic Green slate diamond shaped inlays were inserted into the panels. StoneLite panels are Miami Dade NOA certified...
Apr 22, 2023 URL
Stone Panels on 15 East Oak Street, Chicago Illinois Stone Panels on 15 East Oak Street, Chicago Illinois
The design includes Anhara Black granite with a honed finish and Absolute Black granite with a polished finish. The black granites are similar in appearance and the two finishes are a nice compliment to the design aesthetic.
Feb 17, 2023 URL
Stone Lite Is Perfect for Urban Concepts Stone Lite Is Perfect for Urban Concepts
The natural stone panels are a great exterior cladding option for high end multi-family residences. StoneLite panels are not only an attractive and affordable alternative to dimensional stone but they allow the architect’s vision to be realized without...
Dec 03, 2022 URL
Stone Panels for Exterior Applications Stone Panels for Exterior Applications
StoneLite panels have over 25 years of proven performance on the exterior of buildings throughout the world. After many years of exposure to many different environments and after being subjected to extreme heat, bitter cold, earthquakes and hurricanes,...
Sep 17, 2022 URL

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

Brochures for StoneLite®

Brochures for StoneLite®
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StoneLite® panels can be used in a variety of applications. They can be used anywhere solid dimensional stone is used, but also in applications where dimensional stone is too heavy to be economically used. Below are some common uses for StoneLite® panels, but the possibilities are only limited by imagination.
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Downloads page
Here you will find links to download our standard details, specification, installation instructions and some information about stone care. The buttons to the left will allow you to view all of these documents prior to downloading.
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StoneLite® has been used on projects in all different climates and parts of the world. Below are links to pictures of a small sampling of the many projects we have completed.
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3-Part CSI specifications for StoneLite®

3-Part CSI specifications for StoneLite®
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SPI Spec Section 04 42 00 DOC 73 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 04 42 00 PDF 76 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 04 42 00 TXT 12 kB Download
SPI Spec Section 07 42 00 DOC 64 kB Download
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SPI Spec Section 07 42 00 TXT 12 kB Download

CAD details for StoneLite®

CAD details for StoneLite®
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CAD Details, in DWG/PDF format. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the proper attachment system and will create custom details specific to your project. Just contact our Technical Services Staff at (800)328-6275 or (469)635-5000. DWG/PDF 31 kB   Download

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