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Project Spotlight: Trumbull Memorial Hospital – Warren, OH


Project Spotlight: Trumbull Memorial Hospital – Warren, OH

Replacing an old skylight without causing major disruptions to the business below can be challenging, especially when the skylight is located above a hospital’s emergency department. But thanks to the expertise of Warren Roofing and the easy installation of Major’s Guardian 275® TransCURVE™ system, the patients and staff at the Trumbull Memorial Hospital in Warren, OH can now enjoy the soft, natural light spilling from their new skylight without any major disruptions to day-to-day operations.

To keep the hospital fully functioning throughout the renovation while still prioritizing patient health and safety, Warren Roofing installed a temporary roof at the end of each workday to cover any incomplete areas that would otherwise be left open to the elements. This allowed even the hospital’s pharmacy located directly below to continue to help patients while the new translucent skylight was installed.

Reliable and energy efficient, Guardian 275® translucent panel skylight systems are an excellent option for daylighting hospitals and clinics where a comfortable indoor environment is critical. The diffused daylight provides doctors and nurses with the natural light they need to feel rested and alert while attending to patients without the sun’s heat or glare interfering with their work. Studies also show that natural light promotes healing among patients and can even lower their reported pain.

If you’re working on a renovation/retrofit project, Major is here to help. We have a wide range of daylighting solutions and can work with you on full replacements, new panels for an existing system, or “adapter panels” that can take the place of standard glass systems and work with existing framing. Contact our sales team at for more information, or check out our Retrofit brochure.

Architect: Gale Associates Inc
Contractor: Warren Roofing
Customer: Wilson-Shaw Associates
Representative: Olson Architectural Products

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