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About Accuride International

Accuride International

12311 Shoemaker Ave.
City, state:
Santa Fe Springs, CA
Postal code:
90670 show map
United States
(888) 459-8624
(562) 903-0226

Accuride offers precision movement solutions for an extensive range of industries. From light duty hardware for the home to heavy-duty applications requiring support for over 1000 lbs., we give you reliable movement and the benefit of our stellar in-house engineering team if you need custom movement solutions. Accuride has nearly 1 million square feet of manufacturing space around the world and is the largest company in the world dedicated to the innovative design and manufacture of sliding hardware.

All products are RoHS compliant and manufactured according to a quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2008.

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Company Information from Accuride International

Company Information from Accuride International
Preview Description Format Size Open
Sliding Hardware
Sliding Hardware designed for commercial, medical, & educational casework applications.
PDF 22.2 MB Open
Section 06 41 00: Architectural Wood Casework.
Section 12 35 00: Specialty Casework.
Section 12 51 00: Office Furniture.
PDF 911 kB Open

Products from Accuride International

Products from Accuride International
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
FG115: Linear Motion Friction Guide The FG115 Friction Guide includes a lightweight, corrosion-resistant track and carriage to deliver smooth and silent linear movement to industrial applications. Tracks are available in 1m or 2m. Carriages are available in Auto-Adjust, Non-Adjust, and... Brochures     URL
Senseon Secure Access Control Senseon is the all-new electronic lock secure access system. Flexible, intuitive, and secure, Senseon’s invisible RFID reader integrates seamlessly into commercial or retail environments. Senseon safely secures your inventory while eliminating metal...       URL
Medium Duty Slides » 0363 Two-Way Travel Load Rating: 100 lb./45 kg
Full extension slide with two-way travel
Hold-In, Hold-Out, and Intermediate Detent
For any application requiring two-sided access
RoHs Compliant
Brochures     URL
Medium Duty Slides » 3135EC Eclipse Easy-Close Load Rating: 100 lb./45 kg.
A fully-concealed undermount with a soft-close to bring drawers to a gentle close
Ideal for commercial or residential drawers calling for the aesthetics of a premium concealed slide...
Brochures     URL
Medium Duty Slides » 3832 Load Rating: 100 lb./45 kg.
Full extension, lever disconnect
This workhorse product is suitable for drawers in a host of residential or commercial applications.
RoHS Compliant
BHMA Certified
Brochures     URL
Medium Duty Slides » 3832EC Easy-Close Load Rating: 100 lb./45 kg.
Full extension, side-mount slide with soft close feature
The 3832 Easy-Close brings drawers to a smooth, gentle close.
RoHS Compliant
Brochures     URL
Medium Duty Slides » 3832TR Touch Release Load Rating: 100 lb./45 kg.
Touch Release Slide
The 3832 Touch Release holds drawers or pull-out shelves in a closed position until activated by touch, eliminating the need for knobs or pulls.
RoHS Compliant
Brochures     URL
Medium Duty Slides » AL4190 Tilt Track System Load Rating: 140 lb./45 kg.
Tilt Track System extends and tilts downwards for overhead access
Track an be cut to length for custom fit
Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
RoHs Compliant
Brochures     URL
Medium Duty Slides » 7434 Load Rating: 100 lb./45 kg.
Rail mount, over travel and premium progressive movement
A top-quality choice used for wider file, desk , and storage drawers.
RoHS Compliant
BHMA Certified
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 3634EC Load Rating: Up to 150 lb/68 kg
1" over travel
78" side space
Drawers up to 42" wide
Lever disconnect
Even lengths 14"–28" [355-711 mm]
Note: 14" length of this product is full extension
Clear zinc or...
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 3640A Load Rating: 75 lb./34 kg. - 200 lb./91 kg.
May be side or flat mounted
Lateral files in office/home office environments or wider storage drawers such as those found in kitchens, store fixtures, and displays.
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 3641 Load Rating: 180 lb./82 kg.
Over travel with interlock feature
Designed for business or home office lateral file drawers.
RoHS Compliant
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 4034 Load Rating: 150 lb./68 kg.
Over travel and smooth, progressive movement
Designed for heavier or deep file drawers in commercial or residential applications.
RoHS Compliant
Heavy Duty Slides » 7950 Load Rating: 350 lbs
Offers another heavy-duty alternative in a .75" cross-section width
Good for wider drawer applications such as drawers or shelves for cookware
RoHS Compliant
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 7957 Load Rating: 350 lbs.
Offers another heavy-duty alternative in a .75" cross-section width
Good for wider drawer applications such as drawers or shelves for cookware
RoHS Compliant
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 9301 Load Rating: 150-500 lb./68-227 kg.
Extra heavy duty slide with lengths up to 60"
Well-suited for large pantry pull-outs, vehicular storage, or other wider, heavier drawers.
RoHS Compliant
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 3657 Load Rating: Up to 200 lbs. [91 kg]
Heavy-duty with lever disconnect
Shelving units, bins, trays, or wide storage drawers in commercial or residential settings.
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 3600 Load Rating: Up to 200 lbs. [91 kg]
Full Extension and heavy-duty load capacity
Works well for wide drawers and trays, bulk storage bins, or pullout shelving units
Brochures     URL
Heavy Duty Slides » 3607 Load Rating: Up to 200 lbs. [91 kg]
Lock-out with lever disconnect
Shelving units, bulk storage bins, trays, or wide storage dawers in commerical or residential settings.
Brochures     URL
Specialty Slides » 115RC Aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages provide movement, guidance, or positioning for screens, panels, partitions, or other components.       URL
Media Hardware Collection » Ascent CBLift-0019 Load Rating: Up to 14.5 lbs./6.6 kg.
The Ascent is a push-to-operate mechanical lift that provides access and conceals screens in desks and other cabinetry.
The slim and compact design makes the Ascent a multi-purpose...
Brochures     URL
Flipper Door Slides » 1321 Pro Pocket Load Rating: 30 lb./14 kg.
A full ¾ overlay Flipper Door Slide®  that virtually eliminates door damage.
Office and home office cabinets; armoires, built-in storage casework and entertainment center...
Brochures     URL
Specialty Slides » CBERGO-TRAY 300 Full extension keyboard system
Ergonomically designed for business and home office workstations
RoHS Compliant
Brochures     URL
Accessories » CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit The CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit, is a system designed to add lock-in and lock-out features to drawers or trays mounted on heavy-duty slides. The locking feature is a one-handed operation that is easily activated with a centrally located push button....       URL

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38EL : Integrated Electronic Lock (Feb 26, 2016)
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SENSEON Secure Access Control System (Sep 12, 2015)
Accuride's 3132EC: Eclipse Easy-Close, A Premium Concealed Slide Solution (Jun 04, 2015)
New Easy-Close Mechanism for Accuride's 115RC Linear Track System (Feb 28, 2015)
Accuride Introduces a Tilt Track System for Drop Down Access to Drawers and Trays (Jan 26, 2015)
Accuride’s electronic locking hardware components provide a simple method to secure and control openings (Nov 03, 2014)
Super heavy-duty slides surpass 1,000 pound mark load capacity (Jun 02, 2014)
Accuride's Re-Engineered 3832 Easy-Close Slide Features Enhanced Movement and Easier Installation (May 28, 2014)
Accuride’s electronic locking hardware components provide a simple method to secure and control openings (May 07, 2014)

(06220) Millwork
(06410) Custom Cabinet
(06412) Cabinet/Drawer Hardware
(08700) Hardware
(08710) Door Hardware
(08720) Weatherstripping and Seal
(08770) Door and Window Accessories
(08780) Special Function Hardware
(11130) Audio-Visual Equipment
(11132) Projection Screens
(11650) Planetarium Equpment
(11680) Office Equipment
(12350) Specialty Casework
(12352) Laboratory Casework
(12358) Display Casework
(12360) Drawers
(12510) Office Furniture
(14200) Elevator
(14400) Lift
(06 01 20.71) Finish Carpentry Rehabilitation
(06 22 00) Millwork
(06 40 23) Interior Architectural Woodwork
(06 41 00) Architectural Wood Casework
(06 41 13) Wood-Veneer-Faced Architectural Cabinets
(06 41 16) Plastic-Laminate-Clad Architectural Cabinets
(06 41 93) Cabinet and Drawer Hardware
(08 70 00) Hardware
(08 71 00) Door Hardware
(08 75 00) Window Hardware
  (08 78 00) Special Function Hardware
(08 79 00) Hardware Accessories
(11 06 15.13) Teller and Service Equipment Schedule
(11 28 00) Office Equipment
(11 52 00) Audio-Visual Equipment
(11 52 13) Projection Screens
(11 52 16) Projectors
(11 55 00) Planetarium Equipment
(12 35 00) Specialty Casework
(12 35 17) Bank Casework
(12 35 25) Hospitality Casework
(12 35 30) Residential Casework
(12 35 50) Educational/Library Casework
(12 35 50.13) Educational Casework
(12 35 50.53) Library Casework
(12 35 50.56) Built-In Study Carrels
(12 35 53) Laboratory Casework
(12 35 59) Display Casework
(12 35 70) Healthcare Casework
(12 35 70.13) Hospital Casework
(12 35 70.16) Nurse Station Casework
(12 35 70.74) Dental Casework
(12 35 91) Religious Casework
(12 51 00) Office Furniture
(12 51 16) Case Goods
(12 51 83) Custom Office Furniture
(14 20 00) Elevators
(14 40 00) Lifts
(41 53 00) Storage Equipment and Systems

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