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About MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company

MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company

4140 Morris Drive
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Burlington, ON
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David Holden

With over 35 years of expertise, Marshield continues to lead the field in manufacturing, custom design, and innovation of lead shielding solutions. Our in-house designed and manufactured lead-lined cabinets, radiation barriers and x-ray rooms allow for the best in customization and value.

We also offer building products such as lead bricks, lead glass, doors, windows, and frames. We stock a wide range of sheet lead in multiple facilities and our CNC machining capabilities allow us to custom cut lead parts. Our quality management system, certified to both ISO 9001:2008 and CAN3 – Z299.2:85, and our documented approved nuclear lead pour procedures ensure quality you can trust. Our excellent customer service team is ready to work with you! Marshield – every solution in shielding.

Since 1979, MarShield lead radiation protection, storage and radiation shielding products have brought value to various commercial markets including nuclear, medical, veterinary, and dental as well as institutions and government bodies engaged in scientific research through to military operations and national defence. Today MarShield services clients in the USA, Canada and targeted international markets worldwide.

When failure is not an option and success must be absolutely assured, MarShield™ is a name to be trusted now and in the future. Visit our website or contact us at 1-800-381-5335.

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Company Information from MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company

Company Information from MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company
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MarShield Nuclear Brochure
MarShield Nuclear Brochure
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MarShield Medical Brochure
MarShield Medical Brochure
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Shielding considerations
Diagnostic radiation shielding considerations
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Products from MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company

Products from MarShield - a division of The MarsMetal Company
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Lead Sheets MarShield offers Sheet Lead for many applications that include: Radiation Shielding - Laboratories, Hospitals, Dental Offices and Veterinary Clinics, Construction - Roofing, Flashing and Waterproofing Corrosion Protection - Acid Storage and Handling... Brochures     URL
Straight Lead Bricks MarShield offers Straight type lead bricks for radiation shielding where interlocking bricks will not suit your application.They can be cut on site in any direction without the fear of losing the interlocking capability.Also, a double row stacked... Brochures     URL
Interlocking Lead Bricks MarShield offers interlocking Chevron style type lead bricks for maximum protection where the highest level of shielding is required for X-ray Beta and Gamma Shielding. Interlocking lead bricks can be easily erected, modified, disassemble and... Brochures   CAD details URL
Lead-Lined Doors and Frames MarShield's offers a premium line of lead-lined metal and veneer doors and hollow metal frames that are manufactured to have an equal appearance to architectural designed doors and frames.The frames are designed to support the lead lined doors to... Brochures     URL
Lead-Lined Windows and Frames MarShield offers a premium line of lead lined window frames that can be hollow metal, slip or split type, or welded. Our frames are designed to provide the foundation and support for leaded glass or leaded acrylic. The frame provides a lead lined... Brochures     URL
Lead Lined Furniture & Cabinets MarShield™ manufactures a wide range of Standard or Custom Designed Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture suitable for Nuclear Medicine or Radiochemistry laboratories. A comprehensive line tailored and designed to meet your specific requirements.... Brochures     URL
Nuclear Shielding No two projects are alike. For this reason, MarShield designs a quality system that matches the specific procedure required to produce a quality Nuclear Lead pour. MarShield works together with our clients to develop a system of quality controls that... Brochures     URL
Modular Radiation Shielding Booths MarShield leaded modular x-ray control booths and walls provide the correct degree of radiation protection needed, while offering a distortion-free panoramic viewing of the patient and equipment. We offer durable, sturdy and lightweight solid... Brochures     URL
Lead-Lined Drywall MarShield offers Lead Lined Drywall - also known by the industry names of Lead Lined Gypsum and Lead Lined Sheetrock. Our drywall is laminated with sheet lead that is designed to cover necessary surfaces or walls in a room requiring radiation... Brochures   CAD details URL
Lead Lined Plywood MarShield’s plywood is laminated with sheet lead that is designed to cover necessary surfaces or walls in a room requiring radiation shielding. It is affixed to surfaces or walls ensuring a continuous layer of sheet lead, under the plywood, to... Brochures     URL
Borated Polyethylene Borotron® high density borated polyethylene, supplied by MarShield, is a lightweight, cost-effective neutron shielding solution to attenuate and absorb neutron radiation. Our borated polyethylene contains 5% boron content (by weight). We also... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Lead Blankets MarShield has 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of leaded radiation shielding products. We can advise on various materials to use and can supply any configuration for lead wool blankets to best address your requirements. MarShield lead... Brochures     URL
Lead Shot Shot is commonly used for shielding in where cracks and voids exist. They are convenient for sealing unexpected radiation leaks around pipes, cracks, crevices and other unforeseen situations. We offer chilled lead shot. Our chilled lead shot is... Brochures     URL
Lead Curtains MarShield lead curtains are an economical solution to provide radiation shielding in areas where a permanent wall is not practical (e.g., temporary set-ups or where access is needed). Our lead-lined curtains are ideal for areas with secondary or... Brochures     URL
Lead Castings and Fabrications Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division, has a wealth of experience in turning your custom casting requirements into reality. We have the capability of producing high precision castings to nuclear quality specifications to achieve the maximum... Brochures     URL
Lead Shields and Barriers MarShield manufactures standard and custom designed Radiation Shielding Barriers as a portable or stationary unit. MarShield full body shielding barriers are designed to shield medical personnel from harmful secondary radiation in examination rooms,... Brochures     URL
Lead-Lined Wood Doors MarShield's offers a premium line of Lead-Lined Wood Doors & Hollow Metal Frames that are manufactured to have an equal appearance to architectural designed doors and frames. They are available in particle-core construction with matching rail and... Brochures     URL
Lead-Lined Hollow Metal Doors MarShield offers a premium line of Lead-Lined Metal Doors and Hollow Metal Frames that are manufactured to have an equal appearance to architectural designed doors and frames. Brochures     URL
Nuclear Medicine Storage MarShield offers a comprehensive line designed to your exact requirements. Each cabinet is manufactured from A36 or G40.21/44W carbon steel, lead filled or lined with 99.94% pure lead - ASTM B-29. All lead is fully encapsulated with no base metal... Brochures     URL
Rolling Radiation Shields MarShield™ manufacturers a standard and custom-designed radiation shielding barrier as portable or stationary units. These full body shielding barriers are designed to shield medical personnel from harmful secondary radiation in examination... Brochures     URL
High-Density Concrete Blocks MarShield high-density concrete blocks are used for radiation shielding in a variety of environments, using less space than traditional concrete construction. Brochures     URL
Precision Machined and Milled, Straight or Interlocking lead bricks MarShield is pleased to announce a new line of precision machined and milled, straight or interlocking lead bricks. Brochures     URL
Low Cost Lead Pig Storage Containers MarShield is pleased to announce a new line of low cost lead pig storage containers for the storage of vials containing PET or other high-energy radionuclides. These all lead pigs allow you to safely transport or store your concentrated energy source. Brochures     URL
Durable, Cost-Effective Track Hardware MarShield is pleased to announce a new line of durable, cost-effective track hardware for our lead-lined curtains. Brochures     URL
EZ Quick Shielding Panels Our MarShield EZ Quick Shielding Panels are a simple alternative to fixed permament wall shielding. This is an easy, clean and efficient method of non-altering rental spaces or converting existing rooms to a certified radiation protected x-ray room. Brochures      
Lead Glass MarShield carries a variety of sizes and thicknesses of lead glass that is excellent in providing radiation shielding. The material is usually placed into a lead-lined frame built into a wall or door. MarShield’s lead glass has been designed to... Brochures     URL
Leaded Acrylic MarShield’s Leaded Acrylic / Plastic is the shatter-resistant, versatile answer to all of your x-ray shielding needs! Our Lead acrylic is not lead glass. It’s a unique, versatile, transparent plastic that contains 30% lead by weight. It... Brochures     URL
Pre-fab lead lined wall panels MarShield manufactures pre-fab lead lined wall panels as an alternative to using construction materials inside your walls for radiation shielding. This quick, clean and easy radiation shielding solution saves you from doing any demolition! You can... Brochures      
X-Ray Room Design & Construction MarShield manufactures custom-designed radiation shielding modular rooms. These full body shielding units are designed to shield personnel from harmful secondary radiation in medical and industrial applications, including welding, nuclear and... Brochures      

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(01350) Special Procedures
(03 - 16 Div.) Concrete
(04220) Concrete Masonry Unit
(04810) Unit Masonry Assemblies
(06100) Rough Carpentry
(08110) Steel Doors and Frame
(08210) Wood Door
(08280) Wood and Plastic Storm and Screen Door
(08300) Specialty Door
(08340) Special Function Door
(08580) Special Function Window
(08710) Door Hardware
(08840) Plastic Glazing
(09205) Furring and Lathing
(09250) Gypsum Board
(09260) Gypsum Board Assemblies
(09270) Gypsum Board Accessories
(09900) Paints and Coating
(12560) Institutional Furniture
(13090) Radiation Protection
(13092) High-Energy Radiation Protection
(01 35 00) Special Procedures
(02 83 13) Lead Hazard Control Activities
(03 48 16) Precast Concrete Splash Blocks
(03) Concrete
(04 22 00) Concrete Unit Masonry
(04 28 00) Concrete Form Masonry Units
(05 50 00) Metal Fabrications
(05 58 00) Formed Metal Fabrications
(05 59 00) Metal Specialties
(06 10 00) Rough Carpentry
(07 40 00) Roofing and Siding Panels
(07 42 00) Wall Panels
(07 42 43) Composite Wall Panels
(07 42 63) Fabricated Wall Panel Assemblies
(08 01 56) Operation and Maintenance of Special Function Windows
(08 11 13) Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
(08 11 13.13) Standard Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
(08 12 00) Metal Frames
(08 12 13.53) Custom Hollow Metal Frames
(08 13 00) Metal Doors
(08 14 00) Wood Doors
(08 14 13) Carved Wood Doors
(08 14 16) Flush Wood Doors
(08 14 23) Clad Wood Doors
(08 14 23.13) Metal-Faced Wood Doors
(08 14 23.16) Plastic-Laminate-Faced Wood Doors
(08 14 29) Prefinished Wood Doors
(08 14 33) Stile and Rail Wood Doors
  (08 34 00) Special Function Doors
(08 34 13) Cold Storage Doors
(08 34 16) Hangar Doors
(08 34 19) Industrial Doors
(08 34 33) Lightproof Doors
(08 34 46) Radio-Frequency-Interference Shielding Doors
(08 34 49) Radiation Shielding Doors and Frames
(08 34 73) Sound Control Door Assemblies
(08 51 69) Metal Storm Windows
(08 52 69) Wood Storm Windows
(08 53 69) Vinyl Storm Windows
(08 54 69) Fiberglass Storm Windows
(08 56 00) Special Function Windows
(08 56 19) Pass Windows
(08 56 46) Radio-Frequency-Interference Shielding Windows
(08 56 49) Radiation Shielding Windows
(08 56 56) Security Window Screens
(08 56 63) Detention Windows
(08 56 66) Detention Window Screens
(08 56 73) Sound Control Windows
(08 84 00) Plastic Glazing
(08 88 49) Radiation-Resistant Glazing
(09 20 00) Plaster and Gypsum Board
(09 21 16) Gypsum Board Assemblies
(09 21 16.23) Gypsum Board Shaft Wall Assemblies
(09 21 16.33) Gypsum Board Area Separation Wall Assemblies
(09 22 13) Metal Furring
(09 22 36) Lath
(09 22 36.13) Gypsum Lath
(09 22 36.23) Metal Lath
(09 22 39) Veneer Plaster Base
(09 29 00) Gypsum Board
(12 56 33) Classroom Furniture
(12 56 43) Dormitory Furniture
(12 56 51) Library Furniture
(12 56 51.13) Book Shelves
(12 56 51.19) Index Card File Cabinets
(12 56 53) Laboratory Furniture
(12 56 70) Healthcare Furniture
(13 01 49) Operation and Maintenance of Radiation Protection
(13 21 00) Controlled Environment Rooms
(13 49 00) Radiation Protection
(13 49 13) Integrated X-Ray Shielding Assemblies
(13 49 16) Modular X-Ray Shielding Rooms
(13 49 19) Lead-Lined Materials
(13 49 23) Integrated RFI/EMI Shielding Assemblies
(13 49 26) Modular RFI/EMI Shielding Rooms
(41 53 13) Storage Cabinets

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