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About Bath Doctor

Bath Doctor

4566 East 71st Street
City, state:
Cuyahoga Heights, OH
Postal code:
44125 show map
United States
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The Bath Doctor is a nationwide supplier and regional remodeling of innovative products for the bathroom including showers, tubs, walls, vanities, doors and other accessories.

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Products from Bath Doctor

Products from Bath Doctor
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Bath accessories Bath Doctor offers a large selection of bath accessories including corner caddies, soap dishes, grab bars and window trim kits for installation and supply. Brochures     URL
Wall surrounds Acrylic bathtub and shower wall surrounds can be professionally installed by the Bath Doctor. Available in a wide variety of colors, simulated tile and stone patterns, and accessory trim pieces as well. Brochures     URL
Shower doors Bath Doctor offers shower doors in both framed and frameless designs that can be supplied or professionally installed. Brochures     URL
Bathtub liners Bathtub liners can be put over an existing metal or cast iron tub to save money, mess, and installation time. The Bath Doctor is a trained bathtub liners installation contracting company. Brochures     URL
Roll in showers The Bath Doctor can provide and install barrier free roll in expanded polystyrene shower bases. They are cost effective and quick to install. Brochures     URL
Expanded polystyrene shower base Choosing the right custom shower base for a bathroom remodeling project can be tough. The options are many – the right selection for you may not be obvious. This base is 100% waterproof base, available in standard and custom shower designs,... Brochures     URL
Decorative grab bars, towel bars etc. Bathroom safety does not have to be boring or scream out “grandma lives here!” Let’s face the facts – many innovations in safe bathroom accessories were initially created for the institutional markets like hospitals, schools,... Brochures     URL
Glass Shower & Tub Enclosures by Fleurco If you're looking for a unique glass shower or tub enclosure for any style of home the Fleurco line is a must see. Product lines vary from a high end frameless intelligent hinged system, a mid priced semi-frameless sliding or pivot door to a low... Brochures     URL
Decorative Shower & Tub Wall Panels Dress up your bath tub & shower wall surrounds using the maintenance free and high style option to natural stone, marble & granite walls. Bath Doctor’s unique Sentrel composite material provides luxury style bathroom walls which are easy to... Brochures     URL
Urethane grout Let’s face it – the #1 place tile or glass block showers fail is in the grout joints. So you need to use the right material the first time around (and save the expensive cost of re-grouting). Glass block & tile grout – You can... Brochures     URL
High Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels High gloss acrylic walls panels have been described as fun, contemporary, sleek, unique, flexible and easy to work with. So what’s all the fuss about? Learn below about the benefits, options and cool places you can use high gloss wall panels....       URL
Roll in Handicapped AKW Shower System Creating a roll in barrier free shower (or wet room) will not only add safety to a bathroom remodeling project but style as well. Our line of sturdy shower bases are made of glass reinforced plastic and can be set directly on floor joists to create a...       URL
Solid Surface Bath Vanity Countertops, Accessories and Shower Doors Coordinate your solid surface walls and bases with a wide selection of bathroom vanity countertops, accessories and shower doors for a truly exceptional look and a higher functioning bathroom. In this page learn about the wide array of product...       URL
Solid Surface Shower Bases & Wall Panel Kits Low maintenance, design flexibility and ease of installation are the words associated with solid surface standard and custom shower pans and wall panels. They not only enhance a bathroom remodel – but they eliminate the hassles associated with...       URL

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